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Times Tales Reviews

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Times Tales® Has Reviews & Testimonials from Parents & Teachers!

Times Tales® has THOUSANDS of overwhelmingly positive reviews all over the internet.

Parents and teachers agree that Times Tales® works!

Check out this video from an elementary school teacher explaining how Times Tales® works and how she has seen it work AGAIN and AGAIN with her students.

Times Tales® Reviews on YouTube

Many amazed customers have been eager to share their Times Tales® success stories on YouTube. Here are some of our favorite Times Tales® reviews on YouTube...

Times Tales® Reviews on Blogs

The benefits of Times Tales® have been featured in many popular blogs. We’ve selected some of our favorite blog posts that share real Times Tales® experiences.

Times Tales® Website Reviews

Each of our Times Tales® product pages allows customers to write their own review of Times Tales®. Below are some of our most memorable reviews. You can view more Times Tales® reviews at the bottom of our Times Tales® StreamingDVDWorkbook or Deluxe product pages.

Excellent! She is able to answer after listening just once!
Girl memorizing the times tables with the Times Tales workbook
Shocked! (in a great way!)
Boy providing a Times Tales review by holding up a multiplication test with a 100% score.
Boy and girl memorizing the multiplication facts with Times Tales cubes.
Truly Amazing! I would recommend this to anyone!
Girl and mom showing a positive Times Tales review by working with the program together on the computer.
Best money I've ever spent! Uses techniquest to help her connect the multiplication fact with a story.
Wonderful product! Within 2 weeks, she had the times tables memorized!
Boy using the Times Tales workbook and DVD to memorize multiplication facts.
Love it! My boy can finally answer multiplication facts without getting upset and flustered.
Girl using Times Tales on the computer to memorize the times tables.

Times Tales® Reviews on Amazon

Times Tales® has HUNDREDS of honest Amazon reviews. Check out the Amazon product pages for the Times Tales® DVD, Workbook and Deluxe to read how Times Tales® turned multiplication struggles into multiplication success for so many learners.