Times Tales® Workbook - Memorize the Upper Times Tables Fast! – The Home of Times Tales®!
Times Tales® Workbook - Memorize the Upper Times Tables Fast!
Times Tales® Workbook - Memorize the Upper Times Tables Fast!
Times Tales® Workbook - Memorize the Upper Times Tables Fast!
Times Tales® Workbook - Memorize the Upper Times Tables Fast!
Times Tales® Workbook - Memorize the Upper Times Tables Fast!
Times Tales® Workbook - Memorize the Upper Times Tables Fast!
Times Tales® Workbook - Memorize the Upper Times Tables Fast!
Times Tables Fun Zone!

Times Tales® Workbook - Memorize the Upper Times Tables Fast!

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Kids as young as 5 years old can recite their upper times tables without even understanding multiplication!

Tired of boring flashcards that don't make the multiplication facts stick? Want a fun, unconventional way for your student to learn the upper times tables? Times Tales® is a creative, mnemonic (memory aid) system for students to memorize the most difficult math facts.

With Times Tales® you can truly teach a student the upper times tables in a fraction of the time spent with traditional, rote memorization methods.

With Times Tales, memorizing the times tables has never been so easy! This award-winning program utilizes mnemonic memory visual cues for quick and effortless recall of the upper multiplication facts. This right-brain, visual learning method will have your child memorizing the times tables faster than you can imagine!

Times Tales® appeals to the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner. It has been proven successful for students with learning disabilities and those struggling to learn their times tables with traditional methods . . . and best of all, it makes learning fun!

Our Times Tales program is: 

  • FUN - Kids love this learning method and ask for more!
  • Covers the most difficult to memorize times tables - 3x6, 3x7, 3x8, 3x9, 4x6, 4x7, 4x8, 4x9, 6x6,6x7, 6x8, 6x9, 7x7, 7x8, 7x9, 8x8, 8x9, 9x9
  • Game Show Quiz download link included - Students play a fun, beat-the-clock game to challenge their newly-learned skills! With Bonus Division problems!
  • Great for learning disabilities - Works for many kids when other programs have failed.

Includes: 18 Times Tales® stories, flash cards, assortment of tests & quizzes, cube games, crossword puzzles, Game Show Quiz download, & division section.

  • 104 pages
  • This is a consumable product.
  • Grades 3-5

The Times Tales Workbook is a stand-alone product. However, some students may need more reinforcements. Use the drop down to  add on the Mini Flipbook or DVD or check out our BUNDLES for additional reinforcement options.

We always offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on our products!


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Peggy P.
United States United States
This is awesome!

My daughter had a horrible time learning her multiplication tables. We had tried repetition, flash cards, worksheets, etc, nothing helped her. This book did!!! The stories gave her something to remember other than just numbers! Awesome product!

Maryann M.
United States United States
You’ll want to purchase this!

I was amazed at how quickly my student learned her times tables with this remarkable product! The stories are fabulous and they truly help kids remember their times tables.

Lisa D.
United States
Times Tales for my Struggling Learner

My 10 year old daughter who has been trying for three years to memorize her basic multiplication facts, has been doing amazing in these past three weeks. Of course I will know better if she retains all of the facts in another month and beyond. But I can say she has enjoyed it, not fought it, and can recount it all back to me joyfully. THANK YOU!! Math does not make her cry :)

Melissa O.
United States
This really works!

My son has dyslexia and I though he would never learn the multiiplication tables. He was having such a hard time that several “experts” even suggested that we just allow him to skip count and not worry about instant recall. I knew that instant recall would be his best chance of making math easier in the long run, though, so we didn’t give up…and then we found Times Tales. I seriously didn’t think this would work, but my son loved the idea, so we gave it a shot. Well, I was wrong! It DOES work! I thought the stories would be too long and difficult to remember, but they aren’t. In fact, once you learn the stories (which are actually each only a few seconds long) it is so easy to simply recall the picture card that summarizes the story and his recall was essentially instant. We chose to buy the flip book rather than put together the one in the workbook just because it has a cool spiral binding and is easy to use. (We downloaded the sample to be sure this was the right fit for us, so if you aren’t sure, I’d suggest doing that.)

A Times Tables Fun Zone! Customer
martha d.
United States
Shocked in such a great way!

Was at wits end trying to help kiddos learn the times tables. They watched once and I was so shocked!! This was the best investment I've made in years!

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