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Trick to Memorize 9x6, 9x7, 9x8 & 9x9 in 15 Minutes!

Trick to Memorize 9x6, 9x7, 9x8 & 9x9 in 15 Minutes!

Dyscalculia math how to memorize times tables fast

How to use mnemonics to easily memorize the upper 9 times tables with this 15 minute video. 

Although there are some great proven programs for dyslexia reading (such as Susan Barton's Reading System), you don't hear too much about math geared for the right-brain, dyslexic student. We mostly think of math as a left-brain learning modality. However there is a mnemonic program called Times Tales® that has great success for learning disabilities such a dyslexia and dyscalculia. 

Mnemonics are such a wonderful right-brain learning tool, it's surprising it isn't being taught in every classroom. This amazing, visual memory aide is so effective, that many children even as young as 5 (who have not yet learned multiplication) are able to effortlessly recite the upper 9 times tables after being led through the 6 step mnemonic system in the video below. It is truly AMAZING to watch! If your child has  dyslexia or dyscalculia, this might just be the answer to your math struggles. It is a whole different approach to learning but really does work for memorization.  

Play the video to see how it works! 

This video is a condensed version of the full Times Tales® program (for example: printables or division portion not included) but will guide children through the same 6 step system as the full version for the math facts 9x6, 9x7, 9x8 & 9x9. 


4 Reasons Every Child Should Use a Mnemonic Program to Learn the Times Tables

#1. IT'S FAST!  Many teachers, tutors and parents have found that incorporating mnemonics to achieve mastery of the times tables cuts the time spent with traditional rote learning methods down to a fraction. One of the most frustrating aspects of teaching the multiplication tables is the "forgetful factor"--knowing the answer one day and completely forgetting the next. However, since mnemonics work by giving  the brain a "memory peg" to recall the facts, miraculously most children will remember the math facts months and even years later!

For the classroom teacher, using mnemonics to teach the upper times tables can shed weeks and even months from traditional classroom instruction time. For the parents that discover their children are falling behind in math (as a result of not having their upper times tables mastered) utilizing this type of program is a great way to get their kids caught up quickly. For the tutors that have a limited amount of time to teach a specific subject, visual-learning, math programs can be highly effective way to introduce the material utilizing the right brain. 

#2. IT'S EASY! Even children as young as five or six, who have not yet learned the concept of multiplication, are able to recite the upper, most difficult times tables with this visual, memorization method. 

In the video below you can watch an adorable six year old effortlessly reciting the upper times tables as a result of being taught the  Times Tales® program. Keep in mind when you watch the video, that she has not yet learned the concept of multiplication, but has no problem correctly reciting from memory the most difficult math facts. You might be wondering how mastering the upper facts can be of any use IF the student hasn't yet learned multiplication. The answer is that for most students, the hardest part of multiplication mastery is memorizing the upper, most difficult times tables. This step in the learning process causes many children, especially those with learning disabilities such as dyscalculia and dyslexia, stress and a feeling of defeat. Children that already have the upper facts memorized right from the start, can make the process of learning the multiplication chart seamless and stress-free.

#3. IT'S FUN! Most children absolutely LOVE using mnemonics! Why? Because it's almost like a magic trick of the brain! There are many testimonies of parents that say their children absolutely could NOT remember the math facts by any other method. Once their children switched over to a right-brain, visual, learning modality, it suddenly "stuck" and miraculously their children could remember the answer! One of the best parts is, when children learn to utilize mnemonics as an aid in memory retention, they have discovered a valuable tool that they can use the rest of their lives. Although, right-brain, visual learning is a highly effective method of times tables mastery for children with dyscalculia, it works for all types of learners.  

 #4. IT'S EFFECTIVE! Using a mnemonic aid to learn the times tables is highly effective for children that struggle with learning disabilities such as, dyslexia and dyscalculia. If you are a parent that has been in the trenches of trying to help your child learn through traditional methods, you most likely have experienced the frustration of the ineffectiveness of the rote memorization method. While many children with dyscalculia and dyslexia can grasp the concept of multiplication, they must have proficiency in recall of math facts in order to achieve successful math computation. Utilizing a visual,  mnemonic aid for quick recall of the upper, most difficult times tables has proven high results for many children that are struggling learners. You can read a 37 page Statistical Analysist Study Report on the effectiveness the mnemonic-based, multiplication program, Times Tales® has on children with learning disabilities. Study results showed increased test scores (for those using the Times Tales® program) of 70% -84% in increase  test scores.

Read the full Action Research Report Proposal (37 pages): The Effects of a Multisensory Approach to the Mastery of Basic Multiplication Facts on Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities.

If you would like to try out the Times Tales® program to see how it works for your child or student, you can try the FREE sample download. 

Multiplication for dyslexia and dyscalculia student- times tables memorization


Discover MORE right-brain, visual learning products for the classroom with the  Teacher Resource catalog! 

Teacher resource catalog- visual, right-brain math for dyslexia dyscalculia teachers



Disclosure: This post is informational-based but also designed to provide a means to promote the sale and promotion of the Times Tales program.

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