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How to Get Multiplication Flashcards to Stick- Times Tales is the Magic Word!

How to Get Multiplication Flashcards to Stick- Times Tales is the Magic Word!

Mnemonics are the most effective way to memorize anything...even multiplication tables!

If your student is having difficulty memorizing the times tables, don't worry, there is a way to make those pesky facts FINALLY stick! Times Tales is an unconventional yet, highly effective way for kids to quickly memorize their multiplication facts with ease. With Times Tales you can truly teach a student the upper times tables in a fraction of the times spent with traditional, rote memorization methods.

This mnemonic system utilizes simple stories as triggers or memory pegs, for a student to quickly recall the upper times tables. Times Tales appeals to the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner. It has been proven successful for students with learning disabilities and those struggling to learn their times tables with traditional methods…and best of all, it’s fun!

The number characters are first introduced. 

How it Works

As the student works through the first part of the program, it is not necessary to know that the stories they are learning are really hidden multiplication problems. By the end of Part 1 everything will make sense and the student will realize that the stories they have just learned can be converted into math facts. Not only is Times Tales fun, but it will save hours of endless flashcard review. So ditch the drills, and let’s get started!

Learn the Story

The first step is for the student to get to know the Times Tales stories. Answers my vary during this step. One fo the most effective ways for mnemonics to works is to provide a “memory peg” to retain information. We have found that student retention of the Times Tales stories increases when they express how each of the stories makes them fee.

Additional Story Review

To reinforce the stories there is a crossword puzzle and a story review quiz a the end of each part.

How it Works! Light Bulb Moment

This page explains to the student how the stories they just learned are really hidden multiplication problems. This is what we call the Times Tales “Light Bulb Moment” when many students are amazed at how painless it was to learn their multiplication facts.

Expert Level (Division)

Also included in the back of the workbook, is an “Expert Level” section. This section includes division to challenge students that have already mastered all the multiplication facts from Part 1 and Part 2. The division tests and flashcards give the student a chance to try out their new skills with the division facts.

Bonus Times Tales Game Show DVD

Times Tales Workbook Edition comes with a bonus DVD to quiz the student on the Times Tales Stories and multiplication facts they have learned throughout the workbook. The DVD also includes a division portion of the game show quiz. This provides the student with an opportunity to test their skills on how quickly they can answer the multiplication and division problems as they are challenged to “Beat the Clock”.

Times Tales® Download $15.95 

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