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Our Top Sellers

**Intended for home use. For use in a public/school setting and more than 5 students, please see our Classroom Editions.

Great for Struggling Learners! 

Deluxe set is geared for the student that needs extra reinforcement and practice of the Times Tales® stories.

Works for ALL Learners!

The Multiplication Mastery Bundle is a complete set that covers the 1's - 12's times tables and application of facts learned.

Memorization for Upper Single-Digit Facts

Times Tales® video comes with reinforcement printable tests, flashcards and a game. 

The Times Tales® 3 Part Series is a COMPLETE start to finish program. 

Introduces the concept of multiplication and practice of the lower facts.   

Covers the upper single-digit facts with the complete  Times Tales® program in print format.

Covers the 11's & 12's facts and introduces 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication.

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