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Method to Memorize the 8 times tables FAST

Method to Memorize the 8 times tables FAST

How do I get my child to learn multiplication tables?

There is an easy trick to learning the times tables through mnemonic memorization.

This simple method to memorize the times tables is a super FAST way for kids to get their upper multiplication tables memorized once and for all! When kids use this way of learning multiplication tables, they can go from defeat to a times tables success overnight!

First Start with the Lower Times Tables

For the majority of children, the lower times tables (see example below of the lower multiplication tables) are easily mastered. If they get stuck on recalling the answer to the multiplication problem, they can simply revert back to addition to solve the problem. But what is a child to do when they get stuck on recalling the answer to the upper multiplication tables? (see example below for the upper multiplication tables)

Those pesky upper times tables, usually have to be MEMORIZED for quick recall of the answer. 


Lower Times Tables:



Upper Times Tables:



Rote Memorization to Learn the Times Tables DOES NOT work for ALL children. 

For the upper times tables MOST children use the rote memorization method of repetition to finally master the multiplication chart. However, many children are not able to get the times tables down using this method which is often presented through multiplication flashcards drills. The student may know their times tables one day, then forget the next. 

There is a “trick” for kids to easily memorize their times tables...Let’s try it with the 8 Times Tables! 

By incorporating mnemonics (a memory tool based upon association to retain information to memory) kids can make the times tables “stick" for good. KEEP READING to learn how you can incorporate a mnemonic method of memorization for your children to easily learn the 8 times tables!

Let’s say your child or student is filling out a multiplication chart, and they get to the 8 times tables. This is the point that many children and parents dread. Why? Because these times tables (along with the 6 times tables, 7 times tables, and 9 times tables) must  be memorized for fast recall of the answer. While a student may know the CONCEPT of multiplication, that does not necessarily translate into being able to quickly recall the answer to a given multiplication fact. 

Try this when your child is ready to memorize the 8 times tables. 

1. Turn the number 8 into a character in a story. For example you can call the 8 "Mrs. Snowman", since an 8 is similar to the shape of a snowman.
2. Turn the corresponding digit in a multiplication fact into another element in a story. For this example, we will use a chair to represent the number 4. Can you see the number 4 hidden in the chair?
3. Once you have your numbers that will represent elements in a story chosen, you are ready to create a story that will act as memory “peg” for quick recall of the multiplication fact.
4. You are now ready to create a mnemonic story for the times tables 8x4. Here is an example of a story: Mrs. Snowman (8) stood on a chair (4) to reach her 3 buttons and 2 mittens. 
5. Voila! When a child gets stuck on the answer to the multiplication problem, all they have to do is look at the digits in the fact (8x4) which will in turn trigger the story involving the chair and Mrs. Snowman. The ANSWER is embedded within the story details. Since they know the story, they WILL KNOW THE ANSWER!
Try this method with a FREE sample of Times Tales to memorize 9x6, 9x7, 9x8, and 9x9 in just 15 minutes!

This way of learning is really amazing to watch, and kids absolutely LOVE seeing how they can quickly recall the answers with this powerful learning tool. Once they learn how to use mnemonics as a way to easily memorize information, they can utilize this method with all subjects and areas of curriculum. 

Using this  visual learning method to master the times tables chart is great for ALL LEARNERS! 

How to Introduce a Times Tables Chart in 2 Easy Steps!

1.First introduce the lower, easy times table (see below) where the answer can easily be computed by reverting back to addition if the student gets stuck.


1 Times Tables: 1x1,1x2,1x3,1x4,1x5,1x6,1x7,1x8,1x9
2 Times Tables: 2x1,2x2,2x3,2x4,2x5,2x6,2x7,2x8,2x9
3 Times Tables: 3x1,3x2,3x3,3x4,3x5
4 Times Tables: 4x1,4x2,4x3,4x4,4x5
5 Times Tables: 5x1,5x2,5x3,5x4,5x5,5x6,5x7,5x8,5x9
6 Times Tables: 6x1,6x2
7 Times Tables: 7x1,7x2
8 Times Tables: 8x1,8x2
9 Times Tables: 9x1,9x2

2. Use a mnemonic aid, such as Times Tales to quickly and effortlessly memorize the upper Times Tables (see below)

Upper Times Tables:

3 Times Tables: 3x6,3x7,3x8,3x9
4 Times Tables: 4x6,4x7,4x8,4x9
6 Times Tables: 6x3,6x4,6x6,6x7,6x8,6x9
7 Times Tables: 7x3,7x4,7x6,7x7,7x8,7x9
8 Times Tables: 8x3,8x4,8x6,8x7,8x8,8x9
9 Times Tables: 9x3,9x4,9x6,9x7,9x8,9x9


Many parents and educators who have switched over to breaking down the times tables chart with these two steps have discovered this to be a much more stress-free way to learn.

You can print off a FREE practice multiplication chart printable to get started on times tables mastery today.

To learn more about memorizing all the upper times tables with mnemonics, check out Times Tales.

This post is intended to offer information about better ways to learn with visual math products and for the promotion of the Times Tales program. 


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