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9 Times Tables - Memorize the most difficult 9 times tables with this memory trick

9 Times Tables - Memorize the most difficult 9 times tables with this memory trick

Use this mnemonic memory trick to get the 9 times tables memorized and to finally stick! 

The 9 times tables are often the most feared of the upper times tables. Kids that are struggling with memorizing those dreaded upper multiplication tables can use this awesome memory tool to finally get them down pat. What's the memory tool? It's called mnemonics--which is basically a way tricking the brain to retain information (instead of the ol' know one day, blank stare in the headlights the next day)


We all have to learn the times tables in order to be proficient at computing multiplication. During the process of mastering the times tables, if the student gets stuck on the lower times tables and cannot recall the answer, they can simply revert back to addition to compute the answer. For example, adding three groups of four (3 x 4) is a not a daunting task for most children. However, the upper times tables are another thing- try adding seven times 8 in your head! Adding up large groups in your head, is not something that most adults can do easily, much less a third grader. 

Many teachers and home educators have discovered there is a painless way to learn the times tables.

1.Teach the concept of multiplication. If the student doesn't have a basic understanding of what multiplication is, they cannot revert back to tools such as applying addition to recall a multiplication fact. 

2. Learn the lower math facts on the times tables. Since multiplication is the next step from learning addition and subtraction, most students can utilize those math skills to compute the lower times tables when or if they get stuck. For example, most children can visual or add up 3x3 or 4x2 in their head without much difficulty. 

3. Utilize a memory tool (such as mnemonics) to memorize the upper times tables. For those upper times tables that cannot be easily computed by reverting back to addition utilizing a mnemonic memory trick can be a highly efficient and quick way for recall with little effort. (Have I said how AMAZING mnemonics work?!?!) 

 Presto! You've got the magic formula to quickly and painlessly teach the times tables in an efficient, quick and fun way. With this simple way of presenting the times tables, students can master the  1-10 times tables stress free! Once the student knows those math facts, they can compute any multiplication problems, no matter how big or small! 




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