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Terms and Usage for Times Tales®

Correct usage for professional settings such as public/private schools and by tutors.



Times Tales® School Editions is for use with more than 5 students in a public/private school setting and is limited to one teacher per classroom purchase. The classroom editions are not to be shared amongst teachers. 
Examples of correct usage:
  • If a school administrator purchases Times Tales® Classroom for specific classes (such as all third grade classrooms within one school) the program is then to remain in that classroom, regardless if the teacher changes within that class. 
  • If a teacher purchases the Times Tales® Classroom, the program may continue to be used/moved with that teacher, even if she changes classrooms.
Examples of prohibited usage:
  •  One teacher purchases a Times Tales® Classroom and shares the content (video, PowerPoints, printables) with other teachers.



Private and public school tutors and/or special education teachers are permitted to use the Times Tales® Home edition if they are teaching a small group with 5 or less students at one time. Tutors and private educators are allowed to use Times Tales® as a supplement to other math tutoring. However, using Times Tales®  as the sole content for a class offered by a tutor in exchange for payment of said class is strictly prohibited and violates Trigger Memory Co. LLC copyright. 
Examples of correct usage:
  • A tutor/special education teacher that is an employee of a school district can offer Times Tales® as the sole content for the class as long as the class is given under the umbrella of the school system. A private tutor may incorporate Times Tales®  as a supplement to other math tutoring for a student. 
Examples of prohibited usage:
  • A tutor offers paid classes to specifically learn the times tables using the Times Tales® program. 
*For protection of the Times Tales® brand and copyright,  our program is currently offered on the Outschool online class platform by trained and certified instructors.

Home Use

Times Tales® Home Editions may be used with multiple students within one household. 
Examples of correct usage:
  • A family with 6 children purchases one Times Tales® Home Edition and uses it throughout the years for all the children within their household.
Examples of prohibited usage:
  • A free or paid-for class is held within a homeschool group teaching multiple children outside of their household the Times Tales® program via online or in person.  

Additional Limitations and Restrictions

Times Tales® is a trademark name that is fully protected under copyright laws and may not be reproduced or sold without the expressed consent of the Trigger Memory Co. LLC. 
Times Tales® Digital Streaming edition is limited to 2 year subscription to stream the Times Tales® videos for both Home and School Editions.