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How to Conquer a Multiplication Chart!

How to Conquer a Multiplication Chart!

Is your child ready to learn their times tables? The first step to mastery is filling out the DREADED multiplication chart--but it doesn't have to be hard when they learn with Nicki! Students can download a free practice, printable multiplication chart, then follow along with Nicki on YouTube. In this free multiplication chart video lesson, she will guide them step-by-step how to easily fill out the 1-10 multiplication tables with fun, engaging and colorful examples. Take the stress out of teaching and let Nicki do all the work to bring your child or student on the road to multiplication chart mastery!

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Many educators unknowingly make the mistake when introducing the multiplication chart by treating all the math facts as equal.

A more successful approach to multiplication chart mastery, is to break the grid down into two sections. The first section to introduce is the lower math facts. The second section, is the upper facts which can be easily mastered using a mnemonic memory aid.

How to Break the Multiplication Chart Down into 2 Parts

#1. Present the Lower Multiplication Tables
 When most children begin to fill out the chart, they go right for the easy, lower multiplication facts that can easily be computed in their head.  I like to call these the "low stress" times tables. The answers come easily either by visualizing the concept (such as two groups of three for 2x3) or they can add on their fingers if they get stuck with the answer. Starting with these lower, easy multiplication facts first, gives the student confidence and success right out of the gate!


#2. Present the Upper Multiplication Tables Using a Mnemonic Memory Aid for Memorization
The next step (learning the upper times tables) is when dread and frustration usually steps in for many children. Why? Because these are the times tables that cannot be computed easily by reverting to addition if the student gets stuck. These pesky upper, times tables have to be memorized in order for quick computations of the answers. If your child or student is in "multiplication misery" as a result of being stuck on these upper times tables, there is a program called Times Tales that has proven to be highly effective, even when other programs have failed. 

Times Tales is a certifiably proven method to help get the times tables nailed down FAST! This right-brain multiplication program utilizes visual memory cues for effortless and quick recall of the upper multiplication tables. Numbers turn into lively characters in a story — that trigger a LIGHTBULB MOMENT when kids will instantly remember the answer to math facts! Conquering the most difficult multiplication facts really doesn’t have to be something that takes months nor does it have to create tears and frustration.

If you are interested in trying out this fun, unconventional, multiplication program with your child or student you can try out a FREE sample of the Times Tales program today!

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