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Times Tales Reviews 2023

I am so glad I came across Times Tales! My 3rd grader who was struggling with multiplication now does them with ease and my kindergartener knew his times tables with in an hour after watching the video with his brother! Thank you for making this creative answer to those who were struggling with their times tables.

- Marie P.

Times Tales Sisters thank you for this story telling method it was the only way my son could catch on to multiplication after struggling for a few years. He has never been able to memorize flash cards even math games never worked 🤷 but his brain just clicked with this the very first time he watched the videos and it was such a relief and amazing to see him recall the story and figure it out. We have kept the program after all these years for my daughter to use, I wish you had an addition and subtraction tales!

- Melissa S.

This worked great for my 4th grader! It was amazing to see her confidence soar in less than a week. - Sandy D.

I used Times Tales with my summer school intervention groups and it went well. I would recommend it for students who are struggling with remembering the facts, hands down. There are a lot of resources that came with the teacher version but I also made some of my own. I did a Jeopardy with the questions and used the pictures from the PowerPoint and kids were reciting the entire story with ease!

I have also had success using this with cognitive impaired students, students with learning disabilities, and ASD students. - Constance L.

Hi, I’m a homeschool mom this is my 13 year homeschooling. I love times tales and my kids love times tales - Wendy L.

I came across Time Tales, and was skeptical but I bought the bundle upper and lower multiplication anyway. My 6 year old at the time was able to learn part 1 and part 2 in less than a week. I learned along with my daughter as well because she is a visual learner like me. I wish there was Times Tales when I learned my multiplication because it makes learning multiplication fun. Now I recommend Times Tales to everyone. - Thoa D.

Within a week my daughter had completely mastered part one of this program and we are on part 2 now. I am absolutely thrilled to have finally found something that helped her. - Meagan B.

I just want to say…hold on I need to clear my eyes of tears…OK. Thank you Times Tales Sisters!! I have two adopted daughters who are half sisters and let’s just say they both didn’t have good healthy starts. My 9 year old has significant processing delays and we believe a math learning disability and my 11 year old is on the spectrum with intellectual disability and Language Impairment and they both are not only learning the Times Tales but they are able to solve the division problems so far as well!! So again thank you! Thank you for giving my girls some confidence in math!  - Tina C.

I used Times Tales this past school year, and my grandson's memorization was night and day difference afterwards. - Cathy S.

My son struggled with math and times tales really helped him learn multiplication. I love the curriculum! - Heather M.

I used Times Tales for the first time about 4 years ago with my Daughter who is Dyslexic.  Last year was my first year teaching Elementary at a Homeschool, and I used Times Tales with my kids. My boss was blown away with how quickly they learned them, and were able to answer the problems! I LOVE Times Tales!!!

- Angela T.

We have used your products with such great success! Even I, at the age of 44, finally learnt my time tables. Amazing products. Thank you! - Chantal J.

Homeschooling grandma on my third year with my dyslexic granddaughter.   She’s now a 6th grader and Times Tales has been a God send especially in math. - Shirley I.

We absolutely love Times Tales!! My 5 year old knows her multiplication because of this DVD. It’s funny because if you ask her what 8x4 is, she will say, ‘I don’t know.’ But if you ask her if Mrs. Snowman stands on a chair, how many buttons and mittens did she get, she will say 32 right away. - Clarissa S.

Such an amazing program! Definitely worth it for children who struggle! Such an amazing plan for those that think and learn differently! Seriously a life saver and game-changer! Thank you for a wonderful program! - Bobbi Jo C.

If you are on the fence, buy this. My daughter has always struggled with math memorization/recall and she was really struggling with her multiplication facts. After one week with this program she memorized her tables! I cried tears of joy! She is now excited to be going back to school and show off her new math skills. Thank you Times Tales for helping my girl succeed and feel like a superstar.

- Nora R.

I am so glad I got this for my son!!! Seeing big changes just after the first video and the best part is he is enjoying it!!!! - Janelle B.

My daughter has been loving Times Tales. She is learning so much. - Hila B.

My child just started this program yesterday and I cannot believe what he has learned in just his first 2 days!! I’m truly amazed. - Jill E.

Times Tales is AWESOME! It is the only thing that helped my boy learn his times tables. It was such a struggle for him. Tried all sorts of strategies to help and this was the one that really helped him!!!! - Amy R.

Times Tales has been just perfect for what we need at our house. Prepping for 3rd grade has been awesome & with this short program, in just two weeks, we’ll be so ready! Did I mention how we love the visual representation & how quick it is? Because we really do! 

- Anna D.

I am a math intervention K-6 teacher. Times Tales WORKS. I tell everyone about it! - Lori M.

I have to brag on y'all again. My 10 yo daughter is SMILING doing her times tables. She ASKED me if she could do her workbook this morning after breakfast and this is DAY 3. [Seriously, she ASKED ME....] She then asked if she could go ahead and watch Part 2 video and began those worksheets too. I so wish there was a similar program to help with spelling too! Thank you for creating such a great program for kids to learn times tables in a non-frustrating way. - Natalie K.

Best ever system to learn multiplication! I bought the program and followed it exactly as described and my son learned all his facts without any issues in less than 3 weeks. This program truly takes the frustration and the tears out!! I will wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking to learn multiplication.

- Naveena G.

I bought the program and followed it exactly as described and my son learned all his facts without any issues in less than 3 weeks. This program truly takes the frustration and the tears out!! I will wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking to learn multiplication. - Laila C.

Honestly I’m so thrilled with this video- my daughter has been struggling the last two years and after 30 minutes she has doubled her speed on the focused stories. Wow! Thank you for a breath of fresh air and some big smiles! - Natalie L.

I highly recommend this program. It worked really well for my girls, especially my oldest who struggled with it for years and was behind she got it down pretty fast.

- Brianne W.

I started these this weekend with my 8y/o dyslexic son and I was BLOWN away by his memory of the first few facts in just a few read throughs of the story. His face visibly lit up when he knew 9x4, 7x3 etc! It was actually amazing to see!!!!!!!!! This seriously works, we are not in the thick of it yet but WOW. 🤩- Caitlin A.

A student of mine started using this last year and had great success. She has dyslexia and has struggled with memorizing her facts. I have several more dyslexic students this year and have been recommending Times Tales to their parents. - Amy H.

We would love to have videos for the rest of time tales. My son memorized it in a heartbeat. The characters and the relation with numbers is so helpful - Maria D.

Honestly, I was super apprehensive - but this was amazing and a total game-changer. Happy kid, happy mom here. - Aline S.

My 9 yr old learned part one in only 3 days. For the rest of this week we are going to work on doing them faster. - Andrea J.

So we just did the first night tonight. I am floored! This is the most GENIUS program for learning times tables. My 2 kids were struggling and I was dreading practicing with them. 20 min of this and we are all having fun and throwing high-fives! Thank you!! 

- Laurie P.

We got this for our daughter who was struggling in 3rd grade. Within 45 minutes she had every multiplication fact memorized! She’s going into 6th grade and I still hear her using the little stories when she’s working on math! - Erica M.

I used Times Tales program 9 years ago with my 3rd grader. It was amazing! She quickly (couple of weeks) memorized facts and built her confidence in math.

- Rochelle F.

Flashcards did not work with my daughter and I’m so thankful that I saw the Time Tales on FB. She is currently on Part 1 and I can see her confidence building already. Thank YOU!!! - Christine W.

I’m on my second Times Tales kiddo!! it WORKS! - Doris R.

This works! The only program that helped my daughter learn her multiplication facts!

 - Christian C.

My 8 yr old always had an issue with numbers and remembering years. We tried learning the multiplication facts songs and skip counting but nothing was clicking. But her strength is reading, English comprehension etc! And since the times tales is based on stories she’s learning her multiplications and division! It clicks for her! So thankful for this program! 

- Kathy W.

Yes! Literally took 2 hours and he had it down. - Lyndsey A.

We are one part 1. At first I was like, this is so much more to remember, it’s so much faster for me to just recall the answer, but then on day 2, the boys (age 10 and 8, both in 4th grade) were shouting out the answers rapid fire. So I guess it does work! - Megan C.

As a homeschool mom I'm always skeptical of buying new things that make big claims. We just finished part 1 and I am blown away. I wish I would've purchased this months ago. - Jasmine D.

I bought this a couple months ago and finally made the time to start it since it’s summer. Seems super neat so far with her easily remembering the relationships in the stories, I think it will work! - Mindy H.

It’s brilliant! Have used for years! It works! - Wendy S.

We love this program!! It really works. - Cassandra B.

The BEST program for dyslexics! I used it to teach my own dyslexic son, as well as 13 kids like him in my homeschooling pod. While at it, my children without learning issues learned timetables really well in a way that was fun and exciting.

 - Natalie A.

I have the set they suggested below. My daughter had never studied multiplication and we are 3 weeks in and she passed her written test with flying colors on part 1 and 2. She loves the stories and the videos. - Amy T.

This has worked SO WELL for instant recall for my 4th grader who had been struggling! - Shelley C.

This is the multiplication tales I use! It’s wonderful! - Stancy. B

I bought to use this with my 7 years old but my 4 years old sitting trough the session and now she remembers everything Times tales works! Too bad there is no VDO for times after tales. - Mod C.S.

I have my fourth grader AND 2nd grader working on it. So far we're in Before the times tales. We love it so far. My older child is brushing up so she can have this concept mastered and my youngest is getting introduced before most children in school. - Laureen M.

My son went from calling himself an idiot every day during math to excitedly working through his math time with confidence after 2 weeks! 8 days really! So thankful I gave it a shot! - Shelly D.

I am a teacher and have used this with my students and own children. Works wonderful! My daughter is in 6th grade and still uses the stories to check herself when doing math. - MCJ L.

I wish I would have recorded my daughter talking about these. It would have been the perfect commercial! She says it was easy and fun and told me that's how I should teach her younger siblings. She also told me to tell her aunt about it so her cousins can use it too! - Jillian D.

Thank you very much. I was really depressed about my daughter learning her multiplication because even workbook after workbook nothing worked. I felt really hopeless. I purchased your program two days ago and she already remembers all the stories and can say it fast. I really feel it’s a miracle and I don’t usually succumb to Facebook ads but I took a chance and it paid off! - Vanessa D.

I will review! My dyslexic daughter and I worked on her times tables every weekday for a year. She still could not get it. We were both so frustrated. This was back when TimesTales were only available in the paper spiral-bound books. We tried it and it just clicked with her! Within three days, she knew all of her times tables. She recently told me she still remembers them and even used them, at times, in college. Highly recommend!!! - Leslie B.

My third grader has struggled to learn her times tables. She’s on her second tutor. After using the Times Tales method for only one week her tutor couldn’t believe the difference! We are now HUGE fans. No more tears! Thanks you for making learning fun! - Amy A.

 My son is 9 and in 4th grade. We actually just had his parent teacher conference the other day and he went from being on a 2nd grade math level to testing at a 5th grade level. This program was an absolute game changer for us!!! - Veronica W.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This program is absolutely amazing.  My son was struggling with memorization.  This made the whole process of learning times tables fun and easy for him.  I homeschool my son, but I will tell all of my teacher friends about this program.  This is how it should be taught in schools.  I wish this was around when I was learning my times tables. - Niki E.

I love love love this program! If you have a student who struggles memorizing (little to no working memory) THIS is the way to go!! I have used it with many struggling kids reaching out for help. Definitely raised their confidence level!

- Christy E.

Just purchased! As an adult I struggled to remember times tables my whole life, making math an uphill battle all through school. I'll be studying these right along with my daughter! Thanks for thinking outside the box in making this. - Kiersten S.

I love Times Tales! My students ask to play it and it’s an incredible tool to help them learn and memorize their times tables. I would highly recommend this program! - Leslie C.

My child has dyslexia and struggled for years with learning her multiplication tables. She watched this video and the lessons made perfect sense to her and she loved them! It definitely helped her remember and learn the multiplication tables. - Jennifer S.

Ok, this curriculum is amazing!! I just started using this earlier today and he already has the first set of multiplication problems memorized. He went from “I hate multiplication” to “this is so much fun!!” - Melissa H.

I purchased the streaming version 2 days ago and my 5th grader, who has struggled with multiplying and dividing for almost 3 years now, learned her entire times tables in a couple of hours and can answer any that I throw at her in 2-3 seconds even when she isn’t expecting it. She has been telling me “mom! Ask me more math questions! I need to practice!” This from the girl who has been failing math, completely stressed, and dreading going to it every day. Now she is excited and bubbly and breezed through her long multiplication with 2 digit numbers homework. Also, I finally memorized them myself! I’ve always had to skip count through but now it’s automatic. I wish I had found this years ago to save her so much stress but I’m so so so glad I found it now. We will definitely be using this program as our other girls get older and I’ll be telling everyone I know! - Kayla K.

It's a great program. Be Consistent, have fun, & it will work! - Cari B.

This program is amazing 🔥🔥🔥nothing else helped my daughter to learn multiplication, I thought it was hopeless, until I found this!!! You guys are genius!!! How come school teachers still don't know about it - it would have helped millions of frustrated kids and their parents !!! Mastered everything in 2 weeks!!! Huge thank you, will recommend to everybody 🔥🔥🔥❤️ Love love love this program. Gives children such confidence. - Angie G.

This does work for many kids. My son has dyslexia and dyscalculia it has been a very helpful tool. - Sarah B.

My autistic/ADHD son, 5th grade, was not getting times tables after about 2 years of school "teaching" him (they no longer require to memorize them). He was still using a multiplication chart. In just 2 days, times tales clicked for him for ALL. He only watched both lessons once (with me testing him on and off during the week) and months after, he still uses the "stories" to figure out the answer.  - Heather M.

It seriously works!! My 8 & 10 year old know them so well! - Jessica R.

My math teacher taught me these in third grade and I still use them in my head as a 22 year old lol. Don’t know what i’d do without them. Currently trying to go back to college and need a refresher so i’m definitely buying them to re learn them again! - Lexi T.

Two weeks!! Went from barely retaining any to fastest kid in class to do multiplication facts! It really does work - fascinating!! - Adri S.

This was the only way my daughter learned her times tables. We tried everything. She’s dyslexic and nothing would stick. Now she’s in 4th grade and she’ll still thinks of the stories to remind her when she gets stuck. - Erika B.

We just started this program and we’re only through the first video and I’m already blown away at the results for my 8 year old with dyslexia. This is saving us!

- Angela S.

WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!! I placed my order on Saturday, came home from work on Monday to my DVD’s, workbooks etc! NOW that is Customer Service! - Jana G.

Just purchased for my 3rd grade classroom. My students LOVE it! - Kelly W.

I have triplets who are now Freshmen. Worked like a charm in 3rd grade. One of my sons has ADHD and has Dyslexia. - Missy M.

This program is so amazing! Well worth the money! My daughter has dyslexia making it difficult to remember her times tables as well as solving story problems. She just took the practice tests and flew through them! She knows now all she has to do is look for who is missing in the story and she can multiply and divide! I wish this was around when I was a kid! - Mary N.

This worked SO well for my 4th grader with dyslexia who is a strong visual learner! We’ve been astounded at how it’s clicked and has helped her solve double and triple digit multiplication problems because she knows her base facts easily! Thank you! - Abby J.

Times Tales has been one of the best homeschooling investments I have ever made! My 10 year old son who has several learning challenges really struggles with math and he has mastered all of the Times Tales in just a few weeks and would have done so even quicker if we had not taken a break over the holidays. I am so grateful that we found Times Tales! It has been so inspiring to see my son thrive! Thank you! - Shelly K.

It doesn’t matter the age, just watch both videos and do the exercises. It works. I thought my 10 year old would never get them down, after working on them for two years. We started this program and she has them down in less than a week.

- Joni S.

I am a Math Professor. My son was very successful with this approach. 100% guarantee it works! Very successful strategy for students who struggle with traditional approaches and so much more engaging than boring flash cards.

- Jennifer B.

I got this today. My 8 year old watched part 1 and aced the test in an hour. It’s crazy how fast she learned. She was even shocked that she knew the answers to the division questions this is great! We will practice for the rest of the week so she can master the content before moving to part two. The other stuff hasn’t even come in the mail yet. She is definitely a visual/kinesthetic learner so this is perfect. - Marla F.

My kids love this! Got it for my 8 year old but then my 7 year old loved it so much they are learning it together. (Even my husband wanted to do it...and he always hated math. - Sharon H.

Got these for my daughter and they helped me! (Dyscalculia). My brain works in stories. So fabulous and I tell all my friends. - Laurel P.

Years ago, when I taught special education to 4th and 5th graders, I found Times Tales and I introduced it to them. They had not mastered their facts yet. They loved it and in no time had something to feel successful in. Now I’m a 3rd grade teacher. I have taught so many different curriculums to help students with multiplication and for some students they need something else to help them stick. So, I pull out parts of Times Tales and it is such a fun supplement to those who need it. The kids get such a kick out of me telling them the stories. - Sarah R.

I wish I had this as a kid, it would have been so helpful. - Ana G.

Just order it!! My 8 year old was struggling so badly!! In one weekend, (we had catching up to do for school) she had it all memorized. She was so proud of herself and we were too. 

- Michelle P.

I’m currently teaching my son Times Tales. He has a difficult time processing information and retaining information. We’re taking it slow with Times Tales, doing a lot of repetition, and this program is working. The stories just make sense to him. - Nancy M.

We just got our copy this week and today was our second day. My daughter already knows the first grouping of multiplication facts! I'm thoroughly impressed! It's even interesting enough that my 3 year old is paying attention! - Valerie M.

Parents and Teachers with Students who have dyslexia, this method is golden.

Struggling 5th grader with 0 times facts memorized 3 months ago is now confident 5th grader with the times tables through X 11 on almost immediate recall.

So grateful for this game-changing program. - John H.

This program made all the difference for when my daughter was struggling with memorizing multiplication tables. The method they use just made it finally click for her. She pretty much went from not having any down to being able to give a correct answer within a couple seconds and it didn’t matter what order they were in. Her caseload teacher was really impressed, as was I. So easy to teach and very good foundational learning. My math skills improved right along with my kids. - Mary J.

I only wish we had done Times Tales sooner! We have studied and studied and studied multiplication tables and nothing worked. Her confidence had taken a hit and she’d given up hope that she’d ever learn them. I bought Times Tales as an impulse “why not” buy…I’m still shocked how easily she learned her facts! Best educational purchase I’ve ever made! - Jessica S.

My daughter's 3rd grade teacher used Times Tales and she still remembers them as a freshman in high school. - Angie S.

I have a 16-yo who has struggled with Math. We homeschool and it's just not something he wants to do so it's a fight. I "forced" Times Tales on him and he says the answers "just come naturally" now. It'll make "catch-up" for college that much easier. - Mandy H.

This program has been AMAZING for my kids! - Micaela L.

My 6 year old was picking up on this after watching it one time. - Molly M.

This program totally helped my daughter. Thank you!! - Jennifer N.

Yay! My son loves it and he learned so quick and is super fun! We were amazed!

- Maria D.

My 9 year old daughter had such a hard time memorizing her multiplication facts. Lots of tears ensued. Finally after months of this I saw an ad for Times Tales. She watched the videos a few times and it all clicked! No more tears! Thank you so much! Absolutely worth it!! - Kari E.

As a math teacher and tutor, l found Times Tales so valuable. Kids easily learned their multiplication facts when no other method worked! Division is still a challenge, but rote memory may be the only thing that works with division! - Kit R.

I bought the upper times tales during Black Friday sale, and I have only used this right at a week. My grandson has tripled his responses to multiplication problems. I’ll be ordering the rest of the program. I’m a believer! - Cathy S.

Works wonders! My son loves it! - Tiara D.

This was a life saver!!!! My son no longer dreads the timed tests at school. Thank you! - Amy B.

My 9 year old daughter had such a hard time memorizing her multiplication facts. Lots of tears ensued. Finally after months of this I saw an ad for Times Tales. She watched the videos a few times and it all clicked! No more tears! Thank you so much! Absolutely worth it!! - Kari W.

Oh my goodness! My students are running circles around the other third grade classes. We started a new unit using multiplication to understand division. They easily reversed the stories knowing the answer’s immediately. Best money I ever spent. - Tammy D.

My kids are loving this and learning the multiplication facts! - Kristin H.

I'm thankful to my 3rd grade teacher who had these! I will never forget my times tales thanks to her and your program! So happy when I found these for my 5 yo, he loved it! - Dacia B.

I bought this for my 10 year old who couldn't retain her multiplication facts. She watched the video twice and has it down now!!! Thank you!!! Highly recommended! - Bobbi D.

Love it! Just got through part one of two and he ACED the quiz and test. He has struggled since last year (3rd-4th). - Molly C.

Your program is the best. I got it and the Times Before the Tales last summer for my grandson who has Dyscalculia. Therefore memory is a problem, and he thinks that times tables are a nightmare. But Times Tales was the answer for us. He sometimes get stuck and I’ll have to remind him.” That’s Mrs. Weeks and the sixth grade class.” “ oh! 42 “ he’ll respond with a big grin. Thank you! - Linda B.

I am a tutor and I love Times Tales. I find it amazing how the kids learn the upper multiplication tables. - Jennifer P.

We're almost through the upper tales! Excited to finish off the 10's, 11's, and 12's in a few weeks. - Judy H.

YEEESSSS!!!! Just purchased! Love this program!!! - Michelle P.

Yay! My son loves it and he learned so quick and is super fun! We were amazed!

- Maria O.

My son has cognitive and recall dyslexia. The traditional way of memorizing his facts was lost to him. We ordered this program and he now can recall his facts by using the clues from the stories. It really does work for him. - Tammy P. 

With a combination of skip counting and Times Tales my 8 year old has mastered his facts in a month's time. The highest praise for this program came when he said, "Mom, what would we do without Times Tales?" It's a funny and engaging program and as a former high school math teacher I highly recommend this program. - Jessica W.

My son learned so quickly and I didn't try to teach him with flashcards. I really haven't gone over multiplication yet. Just adding and subtracting. He did very well on his test and retold all the stories. I know this will be a game-changer!

- Stephanie C.

It's a great program for the right learner. Helped my granddaughter alot! - Celia A.

Totally recommend this product. Helped my daughter so much - Kim G.

Highly recommended! Thank you Times Tales for creating this method.

- Elizabeth M.

A friend of mine said her 4th grader learned the times tables in a single day with this method. - Donald P.

Just ordered this for my special needs son as he has been struggling with the upper multiplication facts, so excited to receive it in the mail… - Marie L.

My 3rd grader took the Part 1 test today. 100% thanks for turning me onto this great program. - Erica B.

Times Tales worked great for my 10-year-old. - Melissa B.

I bought it. It works. The end. - Naomi R.

Times Tales is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! My Kiddo struggled for 3 years with the times tables. In 3 days, SHE HAD IT NAILED!!! It's a fantastic program. Please don't hesitate to order if you have a child trying to learn multiplication. It works SO FAST!!!! I'll be recommending this program for life! - Kara S.

Worth every penny!! - Monica A.

We did the first video today and my daughter learned so much so fast! I'm excited to practice these with her more and then start the second half! - Jacqueline M.

We had a great experience using this program. - Erin M.

I have used it with my summer school class. A few of my students struggled all year with their facts. Suddenly after three weeks, they suddenly know all the facts successfully. When they see the stories in word problems, they get excited because they can get to the answer immediately. I have a bunch of happy students. The parents are amazed too. - Tammy D.

This program is great! They really helped my students who were struggling!

- Libby S.

I love this program! I have used it both in a classroom setting and at home with my son. It works so well for kids that struggle with traditional methods of memorization. - Jennifer S.

This was the only way my son memorized his multiplication facts. - Ambra S.

I'm so glad Times Tales was referred to me! All the multiplication facts stuck after two years of struggling with other methods. I now refer other Educators to Times Tales! - Prima T.

Game changer for my kids to help them remember multiplication. - Leslie R.

We love Times Tales! My ADHD kids have a much easier time remembering their times tables because of the stories. - Rachel A.

Mr and Mrs Snowman for life! ⛄️⛄️You changed our lives @times_tales! Thank you! - Chris C.

This program was amazing for my daughter! ❤️ - Ashley C.

Thank you for making multiplication facts fun and easy! 👏 My 3rd graders are having a blast learning their facts! - Rissa V.

My third grader has found this very useful and his kindergarten age sister is now spouting off the time tales too! - Todd F.

Times tales is great. Working amazingly for my granddaughter! - Dawn L.


Times Tales has helped my kids! I’ve never seen a math program like this. Fun and engaging, thank you! - Emily G. 

Game changer for my daughter! - Wendy W.

My son has dyscalculia. I see a huge difference with my son’s memory when it comes to the multiplication tables after using TimesTale. My son has a creative mind and is very visual so the stories help him retain the information. Thank you so so much! - Killian L. 

We love this program! - Rockelle R.

Times Tales is the only thing that helped at our house! - Jacy B.

Great materials for helping to remember multiplication facts. - Christina P.

This program has been working great for my 8 year old. She has always been a storyteller, so it just makes sense that she would latch onto this way of learning her multiplication facts. - Vera W.

This is the curriculum my grandkids use. They love it! - Stephanie J.

I had the opportunity to see how Times Tales works with my daughter right before school started this year, thanks to Outschool. It helped her and I would like to see her continue to improve in math. - Azriel E.

Just ordered and been doing them for a week.. can't wait to see all the progress!

- Lisha V. 

Times Tales is great for picture smart and word smart kids! Game changer for me as a homeschool mom! - Laura K. 

I should have bought this sooner! My daughter loves it and it WORKED!

- Marla C.

This curriculum has gotten my kids above grade level and they love watching the videos. They ask to watch them for fun! - Molly B.

LOVE Times Tales! I used it with two of my kids and it helped them master their multiplication tables both times! We’ll be reviewing over Christmas break!

- Sara S.

Times Tales was the ONLY thing that worked to help my son remember his times tables! It really works!! - Maurine S.

My kids love Times Tales. We have been using it for years. - Nichol S.

When I started homeschooling my daughter due to the pandemic her confidence in math was low. I was looking for a way to teach her math facts that she would enjoy. During a Google search I came across your program. Within 1 month she had her times tables memorized and her confidence was boosted. I am so thankful for your program and have recommended it to many friends. - Rachel J.

Your program has been such a blessing for my kiddos! - Jessica C.


I have been using this program with my students for several years with great results. Thank you Times Tales!! - Vira L.

This has helped my 4th Grader so much, and my 7th grader has sped up his times tables by learning the stories too! - Kit M.

This program has worked absolute wonders for my 10 yr old! Thank you so much for this amazing system. - Twila O.

Phenomenal tool! I used for my 4th grader and then sent it to his classmate’s parents after I saw how awesome it was. - Emily C.

It’s a fun way to boost confidence in kids learning multiplication!! - Sarah G.

The best way for learning times tables! - Jane S.

Times Tales is the best way I have found to learn the Times Tales! Love it! :)

- Suzie H.

I love this program. I use it in my classroom with my 5th graders. 👏😍

- Tessa M.

Great tool for my son, helped him a lot! - Amy T.

My girl is finally remembering her times tables with times tales. The frustration is over. - Lora R.

What a brilliant way to help with math! - Megan S.

Times tales! I may even think back on these to remember some of my times tables sometimes. Shhhh. 🤷‍♀️ - Stephanie K.

This is such an awesome program! Especially for kiddos who struggle. Thank you! - Talia C.

I was nervous about helping my son learn his times tables because I never fully learned mine as a kid. Times Tales made it really simple for us both to remember! - Brittney R.

Love times tales! It has been so extremely helpful for my daughter! - Amanda S.

The best hands down. Recommended to all our family. - Munroe O.

Times Tales has been so effective for all 3 of my kids! - Carrie M.

My Special Education students learn their upper and lower times tables in 2 weeks thanks to your wonderful program! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Dana R.

Thank you for creating engaging content for our students!! - Ula A.

These stories helped so much. - Kit P.

I originally found you on Instagram, watched your YouTube video, it immediately worked for my dyslexic 4th grade daughter so I went to your site and purchased all the things! That was LAST YEAR and she’s still benefiting from it with 5th Grade math! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Maddie D.

Times Tales is the best multiplication program out there! - Sarah F.

Great program, worth every penny! - Kori N.

I teach 4th and 5th grade math and for some of my students who struggle this works! They have a purpose for remembering the math facts. Thank you!

- Timothy J.

Times Tales has been a wonderful program for my son in helping him memorize the multiplication facts with ease!! - Tawny J. 

I teach Hospital Homebound students and this program is a game-changer! My student had brain surgery and she was able to learn her times tables!!!

- Sharon S.

The kids are loving the tales! I teach in a multi-grade classroom, my firsties know the times tales! - Angie P.

My daughter understood the stories quicker than I did 😂. I enjoyed them as it helped to river the facts in her brain. - Stephanie G.

Great system to help nail down math facts, we love it! - Michael G. 

We are loving Times Tales, and it works so well! Thanks for the chance!

- Indiana I.

Best way to learn times tables ever! - Uma P.

Love this system!!! - Buela C.

I have a daughter who despises math. It's been a struggle keeping her at grade level...and there have been so many breakdowns and sobfests. Nothing has worked until we discovered Times Tales two nights ago. Last night, she ASKED if we could watch the video and practice. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!! Also, my 7 year old niece is with us this week, so she's learning along, too. It's so awesome. A million thank yous! - Sally P.