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FREE Workshop


"After wasting money on programs that didn't work for the last 3 years 😫 I tried the free sample as a last resort...BAM!!! This worked! I was sold"🎉

"My 7 year old knows her times tables way better than me now, and it literally just took two weeks! I wish I had started this earlier with my 9 year old!"

"I'm so glad we tried your sample.❤️ Total GAME CHANGER!! I didn't believe this would work until I saw how easy my daughter spouted off the answers in the free trial."

"All I can say is...why the heck is this not taught in every 3rd grade classroom?!?!" 

Sample the Times Tales®
 Method with our FREE Workshop!

  • In about 10 minutes, your student will have 7x4 and 9x9 memorized using our award-winning Times Tales Method.
  • Includes a downloadable multiplication printable pack!