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Free 1-12 Multiplication Chart Printables

Download our Multiplication Chart Printable!

1-12 Multiplication Chart: Divided into 3 Sections to Memorize Fast

Color Guide Times Tables Method for 1-12 Multiplication Facts

Learning the multiplication chart doesn't have to be a struggle! In this article you'll learn how to use this color guided multiplication chart to break the  times tables down into three easy-to-learn segments. 

✅ 1. Lower Times Tables: skip counting and repeated addition.

✅ 2. Upper single-digit Times Tables: mnemonic memorization method.

✅ 3. 11's & 12's Times Tables: mnemonic stories and answer tricks.

How can my child learn the multiplication chart fast?

Many teachers and homeschool parents are doing away with the "old way" to learn the multiplication chart and  instead are implementing this Color Guide System to introduce the 1-12 multiplication tables to their students. For more information read statistical analysis report on the effectiveness of this method.

Use this method with our free Color Guide Multiplication Chart (see download link below) or implement these three strategies using your own methods. 

1-12 Multiplication Facts Using Mnemonic Memorization, Skip Counting & Tricks

This unconventional way for students to quickly achieve proficiency in mastery of the multiplication chart was developed twenty years ago by two homeschool moms.

Many of the very  first students of this method are now adults and say they still remember the answers to the times tables to this day.

READ MORE about how Times Tales got started!

Keep Reading to Learn How the Color Guided Multiplication Chart Results in Mastering the Times Tables FAST

  • Addition to Multiplication- Introducing the concept of Multiplication
  • Multiplication Facts Using Mnemonics Memorization, Skip Counting & Tricks
  • Multiplication Chart Game for Extra Reinforcement of the Facts

Get the Multiplication Chart Resource FREEBIE Pack!

  • Color Guide Multiplication Chart- (blank and filled)
  • FREE ONLINE CLASS TO LEARN 7X4 & 9X9 - Uses mnemonic method discussed for #2 of the Color Guide Multiplication Chart. (10 min. running time)
  • Review printable for Mini-Class-includes division for 7x4 & 9x9 facts.
  • The Line Up Multiplication Chart Game
  • 1-12 Times Tables Flashcards

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Multiplication Chart practice PDF printables  for practice of  the 1-12 multiplication facts. (Includes: blank color-coded chart, Multiplication Chart Game, game pieces and 1-12  times tables flashcards.) 

#1 Introduce the Concept of Multiplication & Practice of the Lower Times Tables

Multiplication tables (also known as multiplication facts and times tables) is presented in a chart that is formatted within a grid. This multiplication chart allows the student to practice the answers to all the math facts, usually covering the 1-12 times tables.

Many parents ask, "how can my child learn the multiplication chart fast?" The Color Guide Method will boost your student to quick mastery of the 1-12 multiplication tables. Using mnemonic stories and tricks for the upper, most difficult facts that most children get stuck on when they don't have the answer memorized.

The very beginning of jumping into the world of multiplication chart school is to learn the concept. Students must not only have an understanding of the concept of multiplication but also have proficiency in the ability to quickly recall the answers.

Using the Times Tales® Method of color-coding the chart takes the stress out of learning the times tables by breaking it down into three easy segments.

  • This method is not only a fast and easy way for students to master the facts, but improves tests scores and cuts down on classroom instruction time for teachers.
  • This color-coded 1-12 Multiplication Chart can be used with the Times Tales 3 Part Series or incorporated with your own methods of teaching these facts.
  • This system works for the public school student, teachers and homeschoolers.

 How Multiplication and Addition are Related

Before the student tackles mastery of the times tables, they must first understand the concept of multiplication and its connection with addition. Without this basic understanding, they may be able to compute multiplication problems (through memorization of the times tables) but will struggle with knowing when to apply this very important math skill. An effective strategy to introduce the concept of multiplication is through focusing on the visual elements of groups of objects.

Once the student understands multiplication as a language of groups, the next step is to illustrate the relationship of addition when computing the facts. Have the student ask themselves the following two questions:

  1. The number of objects in a group?
  2. The number of groups?

After having a basic understanding of groups and number of groups, the student realizes the answer can be computed using repeated addition. (2+2+2+2...etc).

The Times Tales® 3 Part Multiplication Mastery Series is a unique way to easily master 1-12 multiplication chart. This strategy breaks the times tables down into three easy parts, utilizing three different methods to compute the facts. This video shows how the multiplication tables are divided into three segments (see chart examples below).

Many schools are starting to adapt this method of teaching as it has produced great success in proficiency to recall the answers and has resulted in improved test scores. Read 37 page Statistical Analysis Report.

Target the Lower Multiplication Facts through the Times Before the Tales Workbook

Times Before the Tales, introduces the multiplication tables focusing only on the lower facts (see chart below) which can easily be computed through skip counting and repeated addition, the process of adding equal groups together.

Tips to Learn the 1 Times Tables

The one times tables are usually the easiest to learn! How many groups of there of that number? Only one means the number is the answer!

Tips to Learn the 2 Times Tables

The two times tables are easy for most children as they just have to double the number by adding.

Tips to Learn the 3 Times Tables

The three times tables that are covered in the Times Before the Tales workbook only addresses the lower 3 facts that most children are able to compute by reverting to addition if they get stuck on the answer. (The upper facts such as 3x7 are covered in Times Tales and Times After the Tales workbook). Easy peasy once  you take out those pesky upper 3 facts!

The 3 math facts covered in Times Before the Tales workbook: 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, 3x5, 3x10

Tips to Learn the 4 Times Tables

The double-double trick is an easy way to compute the lower 4 times tables on the multiplication chart.  Again, only the lower facts are covered in this first segment of learning the 1-12 multiplication chart.

The 4 math facts covered in Times Before the Tales workbook: 4x1, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4, 4x5, 4x5, 4x10

Tips to Learn the 5 Times Tables

Most students can quickly compute the equations to the 5 times tables by simple repeated addition…five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, etc.

The 5 math facts covered in Times Before the Tales workbook: 5x1, 5x2, 5x3,  5x4,  5x5, 5 6,  5x7,  5x8,  5x9,  5x10

Tips for the 6 Times Tables, 7 Times Tables, 8 Times Tables & 9 Times Tables.

The Times Before the Tales workbook only focuses on the lower 6 -9 times tables. These are considered the “low stress” of these otherwise hard math facts. The upper 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s will be tackled through mnemonic memorization and tricks to compute the answer when they move onto the next two segments of the 1-12 multiplication chart.

The 6-9 math facts covered in the Times Before the Tales workbook: 6x1, 6x2, 6x5, 6x10, 7x1, 7x2, 7x5, 7x10, 8x1, 8x2, 8x5, 8x10, 9x1, 9x2, 9x5, 9x10

Tips for the 10 Times Tables

Since most students have a grasp of money, the ten times tables are usually easy to compute the answer by skip counting….ten, twenty, thirty, etc.

The 10 math facts covered in the Times Before the Tales workbook: 10x1,10x2,10x3, 10x4,10x5,10x6, 10x7,10x8,10x9, 10x10

(The upper tens (ie: 11x10 and 12x10 will be covered in the Times After the Tales workbook).

 #2 Target the Upper-Single Digit Multiplication Facts through the Times Tales video.

The Times Tales® video covers the most difficult to memorize times tables (and corresponding division facts): 3x6, 3x7, 3x8, 3x9, 4x6, 4x7, 4x8, 4x9, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9, 7x7, 7x8, 7x9, 8x8, 8x9, 9x9

This program is a mnemonic based system that helps students to quickly recall the answers for the multiplication facts that cannot be easily computed by reverting to addition.

Many  parents that have experienced frustration when their children know the concept of multiplication but cannot recall the answers to the upper facts. This right-brain, visual math system has worked when many other programs have failed.

Benefits of Using a Mnemonic Method for Memorization of the Times Tables:

  • Works for all learning and has a high success rate for children with learning disabilities.
  • This mnemonic memorization program was developed twenty years ago by two homeschool moms and has successfully taught over 250,000 students worldwide.
  • The video does all the teaching.
  • Includes bonus printables and corresponding division facts.
  • Most students remember the answers years later after memorizing with a  mnemonic program.

 #3 Target the 11’s and 12’s Times Tables with the Times After the Tales workbook.

In this workbook the student will apply their understanding of the concept of multiplication (learned in Times Before the Tales) and their ability to quickly recall the upper facts (learned in the Times Tales® program) to the computation of multiplication problems.

 Times After the Tales workbook is divided into two parts. The first part includes completing and mastering the multiplication chart. In the second part, the student will learn how to compute multi-digit multiplication problems.

Part 1 -Multiplication Chart Mastery of the 11 and 12 Times Tables with Times After the Tales workbook.

11's and 12's Times Tables:

  • Review and practice of single digit multiplied by the 10 facts covered in Times Before the Tales (10x1,10x2,10x3,10x4,10x5,10x6,10x7,10x8,10x9). Introduction to double digit facts multiplied by 10 (10x10,10x11,10x12).
  • Practice: 11’s & 12’s multiplication facts.
  • Memorize: 11x11,11x12, and 12x12 using a mnemonic story method.
  • Filling in 1-12 multiplication chart with the Color Guide Chart
  • Practice Test.
  • Master the multiplication chart without the Color Guide.
  • Part 1 Multiplication Chart Mastery of 11 and 12 Times Tables
  • Introduction to 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication with carry over.
  • Practice of multi-digit multiplication using a grid and story problems.

Fastest & Most Effective Way to for Students to Master the 1-12 Multiplication Chart 

In conclusion, learning the multiplication chart does not have to cause stress, tears nor frustration when the facts are presented in bite-size chunks using different methods to compute the answers. Teaching these tricks and mnemonic methods will not only bring confidence with math to your student but will also give them a learning tool they can use for a lifetime. 

Click to learn more how your student can excel in math by using the Times Tales Multiplication Mastery Method.  

See our Classroom Editions for teachers and tutors. 

Multiplication Success Stories

Even though my son was able to grasp the concept of multiplication, he was stuck in math because he couldn't recall the answers. This method of memorization has been a game-changer for us. 

- Lisa M.

We tried multiplication games, times tables songs, and endless fact matter how many months of going over these, my daughter couldn't retain the answer. Once we tried the Times Tales method THAT ALL CHANGED! She was so proud when she finished her timed test first in her class with 100%. 

- Haley S....proud mom!!! 

Parents and teachers with students who have dyslexia this method is golden! My struggling 5th grade had zero times facts memorized 3 months ago is NOW confident 5th grader with the times tables through 12 on almost immediate recall. 

John H. 

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