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Multiplication Chart Mastery Kit - Multiplication Games, Drills, Times Tales...

Learning Disabilities

The Times Tales® programs have had great success for kids that are learning challenged and is endorsed by national dyslexia expert, Susan Barton.


Multiplication Mastery Bundle $65.95

(reg. $82.05 sold separately)

Try the FREE Times Tales® Sample Download used in Step #2!

  • Step #1 Learn the Concept
  • Step#2 Memory Recall 
  • Step#3 Apply

New! Included in Bundle

Made all the difference!


Making learning multiplication fun and  engaging took the stress out of it, both for me and my kids! 


Times Tales Rocks!

I've been hearing about this program through our homeschool group for few years. When my daughter was practically in tears learning her times tables, I bit the bullet and got the bundle. It really did make it fun for her, and she loved applying her new skills with the Menu Math book. Thank you!! 

Jena W. 

Perfect for the visual -learner! My dyslexic grandson absolutely grabbed on to this! And I can say he has mastered his multiplication tables. 

Grateful Grandmother



I give it 10 stars!!

After reading all the great reviews about the Times Tales program on Amazon, I was excited to see this expanded kit. It is a very comprehensive way for kids to conquer multiplication, right from the start to the end. 

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Trigger Memory Co. focuses on right-brain, visual learning for kids. For the past 15 years, they have been  providing innovative, out-of-the-box products that break the norm for traditional learning methods. Times Tales®, as well as many other innovative materials, the Trigger Memory Co. has published are taught in thousands of schools, in-home education and by tutors world wide. 

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