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Multiplication Steps Chart - 3 Step Multiplication Chart System- Printable Workbook

Multiplication Steps Chart - 3 Step Multiplication Chart System- Printable Workbook

Kids can master the multiplication chart in a mere fraction of the time through the new 3-Step Multiplication Chart Associative Learning Method. We are in a whole new era of learning...and that includes the way in which children master the multiplication chart. The multiplication chart may be daunting at first, but once kids know all their 1-10 times tables, that grid of numbers turns into a magical mental calculator that can be utilized to compute any multiplication fact, no matter how large or small. The Multiplication Chart Workbook has over 30 printable pages that guides the student through a simple process that breaks down the numbers into 3 easy sections. 

Multiplication Chart Mastery Workbook 


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See (below) Sadie explain in the video how the  3 steps to Multiplication Chart Mastery system works. 

Traditional rote memorization is based upon repetition. While this method may be the way most of us were taught to work through a multiplication chart, it is mildly effective at best, and certainly not a very engaging or fun method to mastering the multiplication chart. However, many teachers and home educators are finding a higher rate of memory retention when the material is presented in various learning styles such as auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.

"As a teacher, the multiplication chart is something that most of us dread. Doing flashcard drills day after day is not only taxing on the teacher but the students as well. I switched over to this new associative way of teaching kids mastery of the multiplication chart, and boy do I wish I did it sooner! I could have saved hours of classroom time doing endless drills, and spent MORE time actually applying multiplication. Just because we've been teaching kids how to master the multiplication chart the same way for years (rote memorization) doesn't mean it's not time to break the rules and try something new."

~Linn from Richland, Wa

Example of the Rote Learning Method of the Times Tables Chart

The traditional rote learning method for mastery of the times tables chart is to follow a basic two step process:

  1. Teach the concept of multiplication.
  2. Repetitively present the multiplication problems through drills and flashcards.

Example of 3 steps to Multiplication Chart Mastery through Associative Learning

This new 3-step method of teaching the times tables enables the student to master the multiplication chart through an associative process that is much more fun, engaging and efficient. 

  1. Teach the concept of multiplication.
  2. Teach how to revert back to basic addition skills when the student gets stuck on the lower times tables. (example: 3x4, 7x2, etc)
  3. Use a mnemonic memory aid to trigger the student's memory (through association) when they get stuck on the higher times tables (9x3, 7x8, 6x6, etc.)

multiplication chart how to useThrough this simple 3 step process, most children can master the multiplication chart times tables in a very short time. After they first have an understanding of  the concept of multiplication, they can then utilize their addition skills for the lower multiplication tables, and a mnemonic memory aid to quickly recall the upper, most difficult times tables. This method not only makes conquering the multiplication chart seem less time consuming and easy, but most children find it a fun method of learning.   

Multiplication Chart Printable

Multiplication Chart Practice Printables

1-10 Times Tables


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