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Multiplication Chart Mastery! Times Tales

Time for your child to memorize the times tables? Want to memorize them FAST, without experiencing tears of frustration or the feeling of being overwhelmed? 



Times Tales makes memorizing the times tables FAST, EASY & FUN!

You know how important it is for your child to memorize the times tables, but the thought of doing enough drills to actually memorize them feels overwhelming.

You’re tired of spending time endlessly going through boring flashcards, without seeing progress and watching your child get more and more discouraged.  

You wish there was a fast, easy and fun way to memorize the times tables. A method that your child could get excited about and that would ACTUALLY WORK.


What if your child was able to start effortlessly memorizing the times tables TODAY? What if he or she had the times tables mastered in as little as two weeks? And what if your child had FUN while doing it?

Imagine that instead of spending hours practicing boring flashcards, your child could watch a simple video or read silly multiplication stories to memorize the multiplication facts with ease. 

Picture yourself feeling calm and stress free while watching your child memorize the times tables… without experiencing tears of frustration or failure.

With Times Tales, your child can memorize the times tables quickly and easily while having fun!

As two homeschooling moms with a combined total of eight children, we know how overwhelming memorizing the times tables can be. We also know how important it is to have the times tables mastered for future math success, and we’ve seen the confidence that children gain from memorizing the time tables with ease (not to mention the parent’s relief).


We want to make it EASY for your child to memorize the times tables without stress. We want the only tears you experience to be your own tears of joy when you see Times Tales work for your child.


  • What is Times Tales?
  • How does Times Tales work?
  • How long does Times Tales take?
  • Which option is right for my child?
  • What if Times Tales doesn’t work for my child?

We know there can be a lot of questions, especially if you’ve tried other multiplication methods that have failed. We have tried to think of everything you need to know to make sure you feel confident using Times Tales with your child. Here’s what we have for you...


Times Tales is an award-winning, innovative program that makes memorizing the multiplication facts FAST, EASY & FUN! 

This right-brain, multi-sensory approach was designed to work for ALL learners and is especially effective for kids with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dyscalculia.


Times Tales uses visual, simple stories to provide students with a “memory peg” which allows quick and effortless recall of otherwise abstract facts.

As with all stories, the Times Tales stories have characters. Each number is disguised (but easily identified) in a character.


After the characters are introduced, they are paired together to create stories that are easy to remember. These stories are silly, goofy and little hokey which make them that much easier to remember when using them to recall the multiplication facts.

The answers are hidden in the stories!

Mnemonics work as a memory trick to make recalling the multiplication facts EFFORTLESS! After learning the stories, the multiplication facts are stuck in your child’s head for good!



Times Tales is divided into two parts. Each part is approximately 30 minutes of learning time with some optional reinforcement activities. It is recommended to complete Part 1 and then wait at least a week before completing Part 2.

Most children will have the upper multiplication facts memorized in as little as two weeks!


Times Tales is available as a video (DVD, download or streaming with printable reinforcements) or as a workbook (with an online Game Show Quiz).

For most children, just one of these individual programs is enough to have all the upper multiplication facts memorized in as little as two weeks. However, some students need additional reinforcements which is why Times Tales offers bundles.


We are confident that Times Tales will work for most children, however we realize that there are cases where it just might not be a good fit for a family or student. Our goal is multiplication mastery for every child. If Times Tales does not work for your child, simply return your product within 30 days of purchase and we will issue you a full refund.


Here's what others are saying about Times Tales...


"Made this mom cry! We have been struggling to get our 11 year old to learn his multiplication facts for the last 2 years. With tears, frustration and hopelessness. After watching the video one time he understood and could remember the stories! He took his first times test and although a little slow at first, got 100% correct. Made his mom cry happy tears!! Thank you for this product!" – Sarah R.


“I finally found something that works! My 4th grader has had a difficult time memorizing her times tables. I tried flashcards and workbooks. Nothing worked… until Times Tales! Now she has memorized ALL of the times tables. It only took a few weeks. It even helped ME with the ones that I always got tripped up on. This was a life saver. Thank you!” – Linn


"If there was an option for more than five stars, I would give it! I was blown away how quickly and effectively this program worked both for my dyslexic 9yr old who struggled with the upper times tables, and my 7 yr old who wanted to try it out. We haven’t completed all the additional activities in the bundle, but the kids learned the stories and the math problems so quickly! I love this program!" - Carrie A.


"My 4th grader, and 2nd grader (who had never even done multiplication before) both learned their times tables in a matter of days. Yes, we made fun of it. Yes, we laughed at the hokey graphics. And yes, it totally worked. Math has been easier and way faster! I’d actually rate this product as the best math curriculum I’ve ever purchased. Do yourself a favor. Buy this product." - Erin


"Okay, add me to your list of amazed parents!!!! What a program!! Great for children with dyslexia! When we started my 8 yr old (dyslexic) son couldn't do any of the multiplication problems, and my 10 yr old (dyslexic/ADD) son could only answer the 9x9 multiplication problem from memory. I worked with each son for about 20 minutes the first day. It took another 20 minutes, on the second day, to complete the program and they both had it down pat. Both scored 100 on their test!" – Kimberly

… and we have HUNDREDS of more honest testimonials from customers on our website.


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We are Marillee and Jennie, veteran homeschool moms, sisters and the founders of Times Tales. We developed Times Tales back in 2003, when we were teaching our own children to memorize the multiplication facts.

After seeing how quickly and easily our own children memorized the times tables, we started sharing Times Tales with others. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and our multiplication strategy quickly turned into a growing business providing multiplication mastery to children worldwide.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of parents about their multiplication struggles and the success they’ve experienced with Times Tales. We’ve been heartbroken to hear their struggles and thrilled to hear their stories of multiplication mastery, increased confidence and a love for math that developed as a result of using Times Tales.

Many parents who have come to us have children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dyscalculia or conditions such as ADD and autism. These parents have often tried every multiplication strategy they could find, but nothing worked… until Times Tales.

Don’t wait for other programs to fail. Make Times Tales your first choice to memorize the times tables. You and your child will be so glad you did.

Want to find out more? Take a peek inside our program. 

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