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Times Tales® makes learning multiplication fun and easy!

Is your child starting or struggling to learn their times tables?

Is your child starting or struggling to learn their times tables?

Times Tales can help!

The Times Tales® Method transforms mastering times tables into a fun and engaging experience.

Our Innovative learning system uses a story-based memorization technique that will help your child effortlessly recall the answers.

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What is Times Tales?

What is Times Tales?

Times Tales® is a revolutionary memorization method that has helped over 350,000 children master their times tables quickly and effortlessly.

Trusted by parents, homeschoolers, teachers, and special education instructors for over 20 years. Times Tales transforms abstract numbers into simple, memory cues that make multiplication facts stick for years to come.

Times Tales For Home Schoolers and Parents

Are you a homeschool parent or a parent of a child with learning difficulties?

Times Tales offers a unique solution designed to address your specific challenges, making it easier for you to teach and for your child to learn multiplication.

Our program is engaging, fun and effective! Its also easy to use, ensuring your child can catch up and excel in their math education.

Right-Brain Learning: Engages the part of the brain responsible for long-term memory retention.
Proven Results: Trusted for over 20 years. Times Tales helps children, including those with learning disabilities master their times tables.

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Times Tales For Schools and Teachers

Have your students fallen behind or are you finding it challenging to help your students catch up with their multiplication skills?

Times Tales offers a unique, research-backed solution designed to address these specific challenges, making it easier for you to teach and easier for your students to learn.

• Master Multiplication Faster: Most students achieve mastery in 2 weeks or less!
Comprehensive Resources: The Times Tales video does all the teaching and includes corresponding division facts and practice printables for extra reinforcement.

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How Times Tales Helps Kids Learn Their Times Tables

How Times Tales Helps Kids Learn Their Times Tables

Times Tales employs a mnemonic-based approach that incorporates visual memory cues to make multiplication facts easy to remember. By turning abstract multiplication problems into simple, memorable stories, children can visualize and recall the answers effortlessly. This right-brain method ensures that multiplication facts are retained for a lifetime, making learning fun and effective.

Our program is:

• Risk Free: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - if it doesn't work for your children we will refund the full cost of the program.

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What our customers are saying

What our customers are saying

Parents have saved time and frustration while boosting their child's confidence in math.

"We spent over a year doing drills, and in less than one week with Times Tales my son knows all the answers...better than I do now!"

Homeschoolers enjoyed a structured and engaging program that helped their children learn their times tables independently, at their own pace.

"My daughter was able to follow along through each of the steps and come out with 100% scores at the end!"

Teachers dramatically reduced their instruction time and saw significant increases in student's test scores.

"I've used this program to teach my students for several years...would never go back to the old way!"

Worked Immediately!!! I was blown away by how fast my daughter learned her upper multiplication facts with this program...and so was her math teacher!! What a genius program. I watched it with her and saw how easy this program made learning the facts. I now recommend it to EVERYONE!!! Who knew memorizing multiplication facts could be so effortless!? I could have totally used this program when I was a kid! Bravo!!!

Jennifer T.

My 6 and 7 year olds are begging to watch the video as well as do the worksheets!!! This purchase was worth every penny! My kids watched the video 3 weeks ago and still remember the facts.

Meshun W.

So grateful for this workbook!

My child is soaking up this alternative way of memorizing his times tables! He is a visual, creative kid, and the traditional, rote memorization of multiplication tables was a frustrating experience for him as he felt he was “way behind” his classmates. Not only did he work through the book quickly, I learned more about his learning style to hopefully better support him in the future!

Maxine B.

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