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How Teachers are Using Mnemonic Learning for Multiplication Mastery

How Teachers are Using Mnemonic Learning for Multiplication Mastery


From the Mailbox! 

A teacher shares how a mnemonic math program was finally able to help a student with ADHD and dyscalculia master multiplication.

I am a teacher and a homeschool mom.  I have a degree in teaching middle school science and language arts. I currently teach ESL to Chinese students via an online platform.  Nine years ago, we decided to begin homeschooling our kids.  Starting in third grade, I began teaching my daughter the multiplication facts.  Fast forward 5 years using videos, music, wrote memorization...nothing worked. 
My daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD and dyscalculia.  I have been looking at Times Tales for years. I decided to take the plunge and bought it two weeks ago, hoping for success, but planning to fail again. Today, she took the final test and passed with flying colors.  Not only that, but she remembered the facts and used the correctly during standardized testing.  I was floored!  Beyond thrilled!  Times Tales really works!  Not only does my 13-year-old know her math facts, but my children ages 11 and 9 (my son also has ADHD) learned them quickly and easily, too.  We are FINALLY ready to move forward in math. Thank you Times Tales!
Highly recommend to regular and special education classroom teachers.  Awesome program! 
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A fast and easy way to catch your struggling math students up with the rest of the class! 

I teach in-school tutoring and I bought this program to catch up my students to the class. They absolutely loved it! They have never felt so smart and stimulated! They came back into their class telling their classmates all about the program. They would tell me how they told their whole family about it because they were so excited. These are students who normally feel like they are failing and now they felt smarter than their classmates. We even went a bit ahead of the class. The accompanying worksheets, flashcards, games, and quizzes are super helpful and just the perfect supplement. I am constantly stopping the video and having them work on one of the papers. They have really been enjoying!
Thank you so much!


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