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Kids Chore Chart -Seven steps for kids to clean a messy bedroom

Kids Chore Chart -Seven steps for kids to clean a messy bedroom

Trick to Getting Your Kids to Clean their Room...not with your normal chore chart.

A messy room is like asking some kids to climb Mt. Everest. For many kids it’s just too overwhelming and often times they don’t even know where to begin. Here is the trick I learned that makes not only cleaning a messy bedroom an easy task, but is also fun along the way.

The Mini -Bedroom Cleaning Chore Chart Flipbook works children through the process of cleaning a messy room. First, they go around the room and throw everything that is out of place or needs to be put away into one, big messy pile in the middle of the room. What kid doesn’t like to throw things into a big pile. You might think this is counterproductive but it’s not. It starts kids off on making it fun and is the beginning  to breaking down the task of cleaning into smaller steps.

Most chore charts are checklist, but with this step-by-step instructional chore chart flipbook, each chore is broken down to an easy task. No more, "mom I don't even know where to begin!". Each cleaning step in the chore chart booklet is presented with simple visuals. Kids find this way of doing chores more like a fun game...and the satisfaction it brings after having independently completed cleaning a messy bedroom  IS PRICELESS! Plus, it gives children cleaning skills and organizational skills that will last a lifetime! 

"The last kids chore chart I tried ended up just hanging on the wall. I love that this one is more interactive because kids actually learn how to do each task through the instructional chore cleaning dvd. Once they've learned HOW to clean for each step, they use their chore chart booklet as a guide to proceed through the steps. It's perfect for the kinesthetic and visual learners."

Children love this system of cleaning as it makes cleaning their room fun and teaches organizational skills along the way.

See the Zone Cleaning for Kids!  comes with a step-by-step instructional video, basket tables, dry-erase marker and laminated instructional chart with each zone for the house. Perfect for the family chore chart!


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