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How to Make Math Fun and Engaging for Kids

How to Make Math Fun and Engaging for Kids

There is good news...math can be fun, if it's presented in a whole new, out-of-the-box way!  Here are some great math workbooks that break all the rules and make math fun through imagination, visual and real life experiences.

With workbooks like Menu Math or Shopping Mall Math students will say without hesitation "yes, math is fun!"

I think we all agree that most children wouldn't use the word, "fun" when describing anything that has to do with math. Why is this? Because the word fun for most kids is related to the visual, right side of the brain that invokes creativity and imagination--which is on the wrong side of the brain's hemisphere where math usually likes to reside. However, when you present math in real life  situations, like going to the mall or through a drive through fast food restaurant, it turns from just computing numbers to problem solving through the imagination. 

Here are some of our favorite Math is Fun workbooks for kids. Both parents and kids love them! 


Shop & Dine Fun Math Pack  $39.95                 Checkbook Math  $11.95


The Times Tales® Math Fun Bundle is perfect for the student who masters their upper times tables and is ready to apply their new skills. It's so much doesn't even seem like doing school work!  $54.95

See lots more fun math workbooks for kids! CLICK


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