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Mom & Teacher approved for over 20 Years ...with 350,000+ students taught worldwide!


Worked Immediately!!! I was blown away by how fast my daughter learned her upper multiplication facts with this program...and so was her math teacher!! What a genius program. I watched it with her and saw how easy this program made learning the facts. I now recommend it to EVERYONE!!! Who knew memorizing multiplication facts could be so effortless!? I could have totally used this program when I was a kid! Bravo!!!

Jennifer T.

My 6 and 7 year olds are begging to watch the video as well as do the worksheets!!! This purchase was worth every penny! My kids watched the video 3 weeks ago and still remember the facts.

Meshun W.

So grateful for this workbook!

My child is soaking up this alternative way of memorizing his times tables! He is a visual, creative kid, and the traditional, rote memorization of multiplication tables was a frustrating experience for him as he felt he was “way behind” his classmates. Not only did he work through the book quickly, I learned more about his learning style to hopefully better support him in the future!

Maxine B.

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