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Times AFTER the Tales - Multiplication for the 11's & 12's & Application

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Times After the Tales is the last workbook in the Times Tales® 3 Part Series.

These fun, colorful lessons incorporates both computational tricks and mnemonics to complete the last part of the multiplication chart...the dreaded 11's and 12's times tables.

In this 41 page printable workbook, or hard copy, the student will apply their understanding of the concept of multiplication (learned in Times Before the Tales) along with their skill to quickly recall  the upper facts (learned in the Times Tales® program) to the computation of multiplication problems. 

Does it have mnemonics like Times Tales®? The answer is yes and no. For the single digit 11's and 12's, there are tricks to teach an easy way to compute the answers. For the super-duper, scary facts (11x11, 11x12 and 12x12) the founders of Times Tales® added some new mnemonic stories!! Although these three stories do NOT involve the Times Tales® characters, they are sure to be unforgettable involving pencils and broken eggs!! 

Taking Multiplication to the Next Level 

Once your student has mastered the entire multiplication chart, they can try out their new skills with computing 2-digit with 1-digit multiplication problems!

  • Times After the Tales is divided into 2 parts: The first part is completion of mastering the multiplication chart. In the second part of this workbook, the student will learn how to compute multi-digit multiplication using the math skills they learned.