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What is Times Tales?

Times Tales is a mnemonic-based multiplication program that incorporates stories to act as visual cues for rapid recall of the answers for the upper times tables. This approach is especially helpful for students who struggle with rote memorization or traditional methods of learning multiplication tables.

 How long has this program been around?  Times Tales was founded by 2 homeschool moms over 20 years ago. It is used by teachers, tutors and homeschool students.

Is there research to prove the companies claims? Times Tales has been highly successful for students with learning disabilities and is endorsed by leading Dyslexia expert, Susan Barton. A 37 page independent statistical analysis report is available to read on the effectiveness for struggling learners. 

 What are the benefits of using this with my classroom?  Since Times Tales is an untraditional approach to achieve multiplication fluency, we realize this can result in confusion about how it works. As a result, we offer a free sample for 7x4 and 9x9 facts, as well as 30 Day Free Pilot Program for professional teachers. From experience, the majority of teachers that test our method with their classroom, never go back to the traditional rote method of memorization.  

How long does this typically take? The program is divided into 2 parts which typically takes 2 weeks to complete allowing for practice and review. 


30 Day Free Pilot Program for Teachers

Free mini-workshop to learn how the program works for 7x4 and 9x9.

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