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Podcast #3 FREE Printable- Schoolwork Check-Off Sheet

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Do you worry that you aren’t spending enough time each day on schoolwork? Should you do school during the summer months? How do you handle sick and snow days? In this podcast, the Trigger Sisters discuss how each took a very different approach to holidays and day-to-day scheduling. They discuss their daily routine as a homeschool family and how they switched to a different routine during the summer months.

Free printable from this podcast!

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Trigger Sisters' Podcast #3 -Scheduling & Holidays for Homeschooling

Free Schoolwork Check-Off printable discussed in this podcast available here!

Talking Points:

  • Marillee and Jennie talk about what a typical homeschool day looked like in each of their families and how much time their children spent doing school work each day.
  • Jennie discusses how a homeschool lifestyle enables children to have time to volunteer or have a job in the afternoons and how her children logged over 200 hours of volunteer work by the time they were 18.
  • Jennie discusses how she created a school work par sheet at the beginning of the week for her children. This gave each child the ability to decide each day what school work they would work as long as they completed everything on the par sheet by the end of the week. (Download the free printable here!)
  • Marillee discusses her system for daily homeschool scheduling and how she made the first day of homeschool special for each child.
  • How they incorporated vacation and summer breaks into their homeschool schedule.
  • Jennie discusses how she created summer packets made from workbooks for summer schoolwork and her summer reading system of turning books into cash.