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Times Tables Workshop


"This was a total game changer for my son. He now gets 100% on his timed tests in class after learning this method!🎉"

"My daughter has dyslexia, and after working on these for 3 years with no success....she can  FINALLY recall the answers!! Thank you!"

"My 7 year old knows her times tables way better than me now, and it literally just took two weeks! I wish I had started this earlier with my 9 year old!"

  How to Sign Up:

  • #1. CLICK to fill in the FREE Workshop Registration form.
  • #2. Enter your name and email. 
  • #3. You will be sent to the workshop page where your student can begin watching.
  • #4. Click on link to download the practice printables.
  • #5. The workshop and practice printables are FREE!
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How long is this workshop?  The video lesson will take approximately 10 minutes to learn the Times Tales Method of memorization. 

What is covered in the class?

  • Your student will learn the Times Tales®  Method to memorize multiplication facts for: 7x4 and 9x9. 
  • The class will guide the student through our 6-step method of using memory cues for memorization of the facts.
  • A link to download  practice printables is also provided on the workshop page. 

 I am a teacher at a public school, can I use this free workshop with my students? Yes, teachers can show the instructional video to their class. We also have a special pilot program for professional teachers to try out. Please CLICK  to apply for our teacher pilot program. 

CLICK TO LEARN MORE about how this method of memorization works. 

CLICK TO READ MORE about the story of Times Tales® and how it was launched by two homeschool moms over 20 years ago.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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If you have any questions, please call our Customer Care team Mon. - Fri. at (541) 969-2754 (PST).


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