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Shipping Rates

Most orders ship within 24 Hours!

         US Shipping Rates for Workbooks 

$     .01  - $ 9.99                                  $ 3.75
$ 10.00 -  $25.99                                 $ 5.75
$ 26.00 -  $74.99                                 $ 7.75
$ 75.00 -  $129.99                               $8.75
$130.00 +  GROUP BUY (flat rate)      $20.00
*Learning Toys- (flat rate)                     $.99
**Due to the longer shipping time for our Learning Toys, these items will only have a .99 FLAT RATE shipping charge Expedited shipping is NOT available for Learning Toys .Regular shipping applies to all other products**

Orders are shipped via the least expensive option, which is generally Media Mail through the US Post Office. You also have the option to ship your order via Priority Mail (2 to 3 day shipping) at check out. 

* IMPORTANT: If downloadable products are ordered WITH physical products, shipping will be calculated on the order total. However, if you place a separate order for the downloadable portion of your order, there will be no shipping charges applied. We apologize for the inconvenience.

International Order Information International orders can NOW be purchased through our Shopping Cart and international shipping rates will apply. You CAN order the downloadable version of Times Tales® through the cart and avoid shipping charges. We also have our Times Tales App available through the App Store and Google Play for $9.99.


  • Small Package (under 1 lb)        $  9.95
  • Medium Package (1 lb - 2 lbs.)   $12.95
  • Large Package (2.01 - Over)       $16.95

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