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How do I purchase products with my Kansas Homeschool K.E.E.P. funds?

Unveiling the Power of K.E.E.P. Funds for Homeschoolers: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you a homeschooling family in Kansas eager to maximize your educational resources and enrich your children's learning experiences? Look no further than the Kansas Educational Excellence Program (K.E.E.P.). In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the transformative potential of K.E.E.P. funds for homeschoolers, providing valuable insights and practical tips to help you make the most of this state-sponsored program.

Understanding K.E.E.P.: A Pathway to Educational Excellence

The Kansas Educational Excellence Program (K.E.E.P.) is a state-funded initiative designed to support homeschooling families by providing financial assistance for educational materials and resources. Approved vendors offer a diverse array of products and services that align with state standards and cater to the unique needs of homeschoolers across Kansas.

Unlocking the Benefits of K.E.E.P. Funds

  • Curriculum Flexibility: With K.E.E.P. funds at your disposal, homeschooling families enjoy unparalleled flexibility in selecting curriculum materials tailored to their children's individual learning styles and educational goals. From traditional textbooks to innovative online resources, K.E.E.P. vendors offer a wealth of options to suit every homeschooling approach.

  • Enrichment Opportunities: K.E.E.P. funds can be used to access a wide range of enrichment opportunities, including educational field trips, extracurricular activities, and specialized workshops. Whether you're exploring local museums, attending homeschool conventions, or participating in community-based learning experiences, K.E.E.P. opens doors to enriching educational adventures for your family.

  • Support Services: In addition to curriculum materials and enrichment activities, K.E.E.P. funds can be utilized to access support services that enhance the homeschooling experience. From tutoring services and educational assessments to specialized therapies and educational technology, K.E.E.P. vendors offer a comprehensive range of support options to meet the diverse needs of homeschooling families.

 Apply for K.E.E.P. Funds: KEEP was a program that awarded $1,000 per student to spend on approved educational goods and services. The program is no longer accepting applications or providing awards, but beneficiaries can still use their funds until one year after their award date.

Maximizing Your K.E.E.P. Resources: Practical Tips and Strategies

  • Research Approved Vendors: Explore the list of approved vendors on the K.E.E.P. website to discover a wide range of educational products and services available for purchase with K.E.E.P. funds. Take the time to research vendors, read reviews, and compare offerings to ensure you select the best resources for your homeschooling journey.

  • Create a Budget: Develop a budget that reflects your educational priorities and allocates K.E.E.P. funds strategically across curriculum materials, enrichment activities, and support services. Prioritize essential resources while also considering opportunities for enrichment and exploration that align with your family's interests and goals.

  • Stay Informed: Stay informed about updates and changes to the K.E.E.P. program, including eligibility criteria, funding allocations, and approved vendor listings. Subscribe to newsletters, join online forums, and connect with local homeschooling communities to stay abreast of relevant information and opportunities.

More Information for K.E.E.P. 

The Kansas Education Enrichment Program (KEEP) provides awards to a student’s parent or guardian to use on various enrichment and educational activities. The program is being offered through a contract between Merit International, Inc. and the Kansas Office of Recovery.

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Conclusion: Empowering Homeschooling Families with K.E.E.P.

In conclusion, the Kansas Educational Excellence Program (K.E.E.P.) offers homeschooling families a powerful pathway to educational excellence and enrichment. By leveraging K.E.E.P. funds wisely and strategically, homeschoolers can access a wealth of curriculum materials, enrichment opportunities, and support services that enhance their children's learning experiences and foster academic success. Embrace the possibilities of K.E.E.P. and embark on a transformative homeschooling journey filled with discovery, creativity, and educational achievement.Unlock the full potential of homeschooling with K.E.E.P. today!



Homeschooling in Kansas offers families the freedom to customize education and create meaningful learning experiences for their children. By following the tips and utilizing the resources mentioned in this guide, you'll be well-equipped to embark on a successful homeschooling journey in the Sunflower State!

Happy homeschooling! 🌻