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Professional Discount for Tutors

Professional discount and free upgrade for Barton Tutors.
Times Tales Co-Founder Jennie Winters.

" For the past twenty years, Times Tales® has helped thousands of children as a direct result of Susan Barton and tutors recommending our product."

You can help Times Tales®  continue getting into the hands of children that need it the most!  Co-Founders, Jennie & Marillee are making an exclusive, special offer to verified tutors. Please fill out our application form (below) to see if you qualify for our free upgrade or professional 40% off discount. (Restrictions apply, see terms of offer below.)


Special offer for verified tutors- available only through this page. Free times tales home editions digital stram upgrade for previous customers or 40% discount for new cusotmers on Times Tales Home Editions.

Who qualifies as a "verified tutor"? Any professional tutors and/or Barton tutors that are previous or new customers.

What is the offer?

#1.  FREE UPGRADE: If you are a verified tutor and a previous customer, you can get a FREE upgrade of our New Home Edition Digital Streaming with proof of purchase. To qualify proof of purchase, you can either upload a picture of an order confirmation or an older copy of Times Tales® in the submission form below. The FREE upgrade is only good for our digital streaming Home Edition and not valid for Classroom or  hard copy mailed editions.  


#2. 40% DISCOUNT ON TIMES TALES® PRODUCTS: If you are a verified tutor who has not used our program, you can get a 40% off discount with any of our Times Tales® Home Edition products. This discount includes hard-copy, mailed products (ie: USB, DVD, Times Tales® Bundles, etc.). The 40% discount is not valid for Times Tales® Classroom Editions, (including poster purchases) nor does it apply to shipping charges.

Is the offer good for Times Tales® Classroom Editions? At this time, the offer is only good for Times Tales® Home Editions which allows for teaching up to 5 students at one time. Teaching in a large setting of more than 5 students at one time (virtual or in-person)  requires purchase of the classroom edition and does not qualify for either the free upgrade or 40% off discount. 

*Times Tales is not to be used for paid workshops or classes. 

How do I get verified? Fill out the application form (below)  providing an email, mailing address (if you are getting the 40% discount) and a brief description of  professional credentials regarding your tutoring job and/or service.  You can also provide a link to your website as a way to be verified to receive the offer. 

Please allow 3-5 business days for us to verify your application. 

How do I get the code or the FREE upgrade?  Once you are verified, you will receive an email  with a 40% off, unique discount code  or instructions how to access your New Digital Streaming Files (includes printables). 

Can I share this offer with others? Although this is a private page, we would be happy for you to share this with your colleagues (through message boards, social media, email, etc. ). Please make sure it is clearly stated this offer is only good for verified tutors.

What if I am not verified? Although we are grateful for your interest in our products, this offer is unique only to verified tutors at this time.