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Real Life Math Skills 5 Pack - Credit Card Math, Bank Account Math, Budget Math. . . (Grades 6-9)

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This 5-workbook set will help students master math skills that are essential to every day living!

Students gain hands-on experience as they practice math they will utilize in everyday life as adults. They will learn how to work through activities such as: how to use a debit card, credit card application, budgeting, how to shop for the best buys, paying bills and much more!

Each Real Life Math Skills workbook includes: comprehensive reading, how to fill out forms, glossary skills and applicable math word problems. The student will compute multi-step word problems covering addition & subtraction of money, multiplication & dividing money, working with large numbers, and figuring percentages. 

5-Book Set Includes: (grades 6-9)
- Checkbook Math   (29 pg.)
- Credit Card Math  (62 pg.)
- Bank Account Math ( 62 pg.)
- Bargain Math  ( 62 pg.)
- Budget Math  (62 pg.)

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