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Real-Life Math Application 4 Pack - Pets, Shopping & Dining! (Grades 3-5)

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This 4 workbook pack is a fun way for kids to apply math skills to real-life scenarios.

Students learn how to use math in a way that is applicable to their world through shopping, dining and pet ownership.  The lessons include such skills as figuring costs, totaling receipts, budgeting and practical application word problems. 

This Real-Life Math Application 4 Pack is the perfect solution to keep math FUN during school breaks or just as a supplement! From burgers to baseballs, these creative math workbooks offer kids fun, real-life situations to improve basic math skills. These workbooks are ideal for 3-5 grade level students that have not reached mastery levels in math. 

Pet Math is a fun way to get students engaged in math by using real-life responsibilities that come with having pets. Each lesson offers the student a different day-to-day scenario in which mathematics can be applied to figure everything from the cost of dog food, to veterinarian bills.

This is a great way to demonstrate the practical application of math with something kids love . . . pets!

Pet Math Workbook includes three fictional pet-related business pamphlets. These fun, colorful pamphlets are incorporated throughout the lessons for the student to research and calculate the costs of various pet-related activities such as buying pet food, grooming and veterinarian bills.

Drive-Thru Menu Math workbook has nearly everything you might order at your local fast-food restaurant and come with 4 colorful menus students use as a reference to solve real-life word problems and computation. Figuring food costs, computing taxes and making change are just a few of the skills covered in this series.  Drive-Thru Menu Math Multiply & Divide requires more reading and application more focused on multiplication and division. Each menu math workbook has 4 menus included. (48-62 pages each)

Shopping Mall Math & Shopping Around the Town Math makes math practice fun! Students are given a variety of illustrated shopping scenarios to solve math problems about pricing. Each situation requires the student to incorporate different math skills such as: multiplying, dividing and addition and subtraction. (27-29 pages each)

Practical life skills! In each of the 25 lessons in this learning unit, students are presented with a graphic illustration of a storefront window display. The drawings feature various items and their prices. It's just like window shopping!

Example: The ACME camera in the display case shows a selling price of $37.50. The film runs $3.60 a roll. If you buy the camera and two rolls of film, how much would you spend?

  • Pet Math - Real-Life Math of Owning a Pet! (grade 3-5)
  • Drive -Thru Menu Math - Multiply & Divide (grade 4-5)
  • Shopping Mall Math (grade 3-5)
  • Shopping Around the Town Math (grade 3-5)