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Word Families (Set of 3 Workbooks) Grades 1-3

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This best-selling series gives plenty of practice with letter phonograms. More than 20 different word families are included in each delightful book. These lesson units are so effective, we recommend you get the entire set. Terrific for boosting reading skills!

Designed so students can practice using common phonograms for easy recognition of sight words, this creatively illustrated book includes exercises for the following word families: ace, ade, ake, ame, ate, ave, ail, ain, eam , eat, ee, eed, eep, eet, ice, ide, ime, ine, ite, oat, oke, ore, ose.

Each of the 45 unique activities in this book is designed to teach a different word family - from a balloon image puzzle designed to create eam family words to a color-the-kite exercise for releasing ite family words.

An extensive word list containing all the phonograms taught in this book is included for use with extended learning. Consider using the words for a spelling list, sentence dictation, and "thought starters" for creative writing.