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Tables, Graphs & Charts 2 Pack (Grades 3-4)

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Pet Math Workbook 

Pet Math is a fun way to get kids, especially those who LOVE pets, engaged in math by using real-life pet responsibilities.

Each lesson offers the student a different day-to-day scenario in which mathematics can be applied to figure everything from the cost of dog food, to veterinarian bills. This is a great way to demonstrate the practical application of math with something kids love...pets!

Pet Math Workbook includes three fictional pet-related business pamphlets. These fun, colorful pamphlets are incorporated throughout the lessons for the student to research and calculate the costs of various pet-related activities such as buying pet food, grooming and veterinarian bills.

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Real-Life Applications:

  • Money Computation
  • Check Writing
  • Budgeting Money
  • Discount Shopping
  • Price Comparison
  • Shopping Online
  • Critical Thinking

Tables & Graphs Workbook 

Money Workbook (Grades 3-4) Your students will love this fun, yet practical collection of activities designed to provide an introduction to the basic concepts of money.

The sequential format and step-by-step exercises will help your students learn these essential concepts: identifying coins, writing amounts of money in various ways, counting coins, adding different amounts of money, calculating change, spending money, working with decimals, solving money word problems.  So help your students acquire essential money skills with this fun and effective book.