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Private Tutoring with Marcy! (#DREX) - (2 Shipped Items)
Marcy Drexler

Private Tutoring with Marcy! (#DREX) - (2 Shipped Items)

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In this one-on-one private tutoring class, your child will be instructed by Marcy Drexler, Times Tales® Educational Consultant and Mnemonic Specialist.  Marcy has been trained and certified to teach the Times Tales® Method and the Mnemonic Tool. 

Mrs. Drexler holds two degrees in Elementary Education and taught in the public school system for 7 years before homeschooling her own children for the past 8 years.  The foundation for learning can only be built on a space where children feel calm, supported and have the opportunity to express how they feel while learning - that is the sort of space Marcy provides for every child she teaches.

*Limit 1 student per registration/payment per household. If you have more than 1 student, you can "add to cart" for additional students to attend class. 

Times Tales® Private Tutoring Package Includes:

- Times Tales® Deluxe Bundle 
- Admission to THREE online private tutoring sessions with our Times Tales® Educational  Consultant and Mnemonic Specialist.

 The sessions will be one time a week for 3 weeks.

  • The 1st session will cover Part 1 of the Times Tales® Method. (1 hour)
  • The 2nd session will cover Part 2 of the Times Tales® Method. (1 hour)
  • The 3rd session will be a fun reinforcement class of games and a short introduction to division, setting your child on a positive, confident path for future math experiences. (30 minutes)

 Three Online Sessions with Times Tales® Private Tutoring - $150 per child.

*Please note, this class is for one child only and NOT for multiply students within the same family.