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Times Tales® Classroom Video - (Digital Streaming or USB)

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Times Tales® is a creative, innovative mnemonic-based program that makes it fun and easy to memorize the upper multiplication and division facts. Visual, engaging stories provide students with a "memory peg", allowing them to quickly recall otherwise abstract facts. Students can have their UPPER math facts mastered in a fraction of the time!

We always offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on our products!

Times Tales ® Classroom program includes: Times Tales® video (for more than 5 students viewing) with Game Show Quiz and printables PDFs with tests, quizzes, game cube, student storybooks, crossword puzzles, division section, and flashcards. Times Tales® Classroom USB flash drive, DVD, or video streaming with printable PDFs are ideal for the large classroom or Zoom room. See below for license terms.

The Times Tales video can be streamed on ANY device. Our streaming version includes all the files, both video and printable PDFs, you will need for the program. Your access link to the streaming and download files will be emailed to you. You also have access through our website by logging into your account with your email address and a password that you create.



 FAST: Total learning time is ONLY an hour!

  • EASY: After watching Times Tales, kids as young as five can recite the upper times tables upper without even understanding multiplication! 
  • FUN: Kids love this learning method and ask for more! Covers the most difficult to memorize times tables: 3x6, 3x7, 3x8, 3x9, 4x6, 4x7, 4x8, 4x9,  6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9, 7x7, 7x8, 7x9, 8x8 8x9, & 9x9
  • Game Show Quiz: Students plays a fun, beat-the-clock game to challenge their newly-learned skills! With Bonus Division problems. 
  • Non-Consumable: License good for 2 full years.
  • Great for Learning Disabilities: Works for many kids when other programs have failed.
  • Video does the teaching: The video serves as the primary teaching tool. There is a review segment following each step which provides immediate feedback so the student can determine whether to move on or to repeat the step.Terms of Use License:

Classroom DVD & USB Flash Drive is non-consumable and can be used year after year.

Our digital product (streaming) has a use license that is valid for full 2 years. 

The DVD, USB, and digital streaming classroom editions MAY NOT BE SHARED between classrooms. All Times Tales digital products are intended for use with one teacher, in one classroomInstructors may share our products with their students through the internet (via email) through a password protected site.