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uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game
uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game
uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game
uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game
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uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game

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  • Shhh! Don’t tell the kids that it’s educational! (See video below)

    Kids are having so much fun playing uKloo that they have no idea that they are actually building their reading skills! The excitement of finding hidden clue cards and running around the house on a treasure hunt is so engaging that the kids are reading without even realizing it! When the kids get stuck on a word, they are empowered to look up the word themselves with the aid of a Picture Helper Poster, as a reference tool to decode the clue card.

  • AWARD WINNING TREASURE HUNT GAME – Combining clues, a picture helper, and a surprise at the end, uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game is a get-out-of-your-seat reading experience. Selected as one of the 10 Best Classroom Games and Toys by the American Association of Educators and the winner of multiple awards, including Creative Child Magazine’s “Game of the Year” and Dr. Toy’s “10 Best Games,” uKloo makes reading enjoyable while improving confidence and independence in beginning readers.
  • LEARNING TO READ WAS NEVER SO MUCH FUN – It’s no secret that active teaching, which strives to make learning rewarding and engaging, is the most effective method for building literacy skills. With uKloo, your child embarks on an exciting treasure hunt adventure. As they race around the house, following one clue and discovering the next, they won’t even realize they’re reading, building memories, and improving cognitive function.
  • EASY SET UP! INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PLAY – Each uKloo package comes with over 50 clue cards as well as a reference poster to help your little one build sight reading skills as they match words with pictures. Each package also includes 12 blank surprise treasure cards for motivation and blank “Write Your Own Clue” cards for customization. uKloo is great for evening activities and turning special occasions such as birthdays into gift giving treasure hunts.
  • FEATURES 3 ACHIEVEMENT LEVELS FOR GROWTH – A game isn’t fun if it’s too easy or too hard. That’s why uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game has 3 different difficulty levels. You can slowly add in Level 2 and 3 to increase progress and confidence. You can also arrange different game routes for multiple players. As an alternative to books, uKloo is perfect for reluctant readers, homeschoolers, children with ADD, special needs, and learning disabilities, and for making homework reading fun!
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS – Each uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game package includes (54) clue cards featuring 3 color-coded levels of achievement, (1) “Picture Helper” reference poster, (12) blank “Surprise” cards for events or favorite treats, (12) blank “Write Your Own Clue” cards, and easy-to-follow instructions and game ideas. Designed for ages 4 and up.
  • Makes Reading Fun!
  • Promotes Sight Reading
  • Comes with Picture Helper Poster

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