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Multiplication Chart Free Printable -(Includes answer key and Free sample of Times Tales!)

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This Multiplication Chart Practice printable download also includes a Free streaming sample of the award-winning Times Tales® program! Incorporating Times Tales® to learn the upper times tables, makes it easy for kids to master the multiplication chart! 

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Times Tales is the NEW WAY for Kids to Master a Multiplication Chart!

In order to achieve proficiency in math computation, students must have the basic 1-10 multiplication chart mastered. For a fast and more efficient way for students to achieve mastery of the times tables, it is recommended they first start with practice of the lower facts on the times tables chart. Once the lower math facts on the multiplication chart has been achieved, it is time to tackle the upper, most difficult times tables.

A new, more efficient way for kids to learn the upper times tables is to replace rote memorization methods with a mnemonic learning aid to memorize, such as the Times Tales® program.  This free Multiplication Chart Practice Printable Pack includes a BONUS sample of the award-winning Times Tales® video and practice printables! The video sample version will teach children how to memorize the upper nine times tables (9x6, 9x7, 9x8, 9x9) in about 15 minutes using the Times Tales® system.

Get started today on Multiplication Chart Mastery with Times Tales®!

Times Tales® Streaming Includes Printable Tests and Multiplication Game! $21.95

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