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Kids Chore Chart - Step-by-Step fun way to do chores!
Age appropriate chores for the whole family. Kids will love doing chores with this system.
This chore chart helps kids clean the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.
Chores made fun chore chart!
Chore Chart checklist so kids can checkoff the chores when completed.
If you need chore chart ideas get the Zone Chore Chart Cleaning System.
Kids Chore Chart - Step-by-Step fun way to do chores!
Kids Chore Chart - Step-by-Step fun way to do chores!
Times Tables Fun Zone!

Kids Chore Chart - Step-by-Step fun way to do chores!

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A Chore Chart that Actually TEACHES Children how to Clean the House!

"Finally! Someone made a kids chore chart that actually teaches kids how to do the chores! I never thought I'd ever say this, but my kids actually LOVE cleaning the house now...they think it's like a game and even compete to see who gets through their zone the fastest. I only wish you had one for the older college student, my 19 year old son could use this. Thanks for making such a unique and practical product!"

Step-by-step illustrations make chores simple -- non-readers can easily follow along! Simply flip to the first page in the laminated flip chart and follow the illustrated instructions. Use the included dry erase marker to check the box then flip the page!

This fun and unique chore chart system teaches children how to systematically work through cleaning the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms.

Children love knowing exactly what to do and enjoy the immediate sense of accomplishment as they work through the chart. Moms love knowing that "I'm done!" actually means the room is clean.

Flip Chore Chart System - Zone Cleaning for Kids includes:

  • A fully-laminated flip chart  - all sections can checked when completed with a dry-erase marker. The parent can customize the chart by adding jobs and times when they need to be completed. 
  • Instructional DVD that walks children through the process, demonstrating the correct way to complete each chore. The DVD also gives the parent tips on how to best utilize the program.
  • Dry-erase marker
  • Removable basket labels.

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Ingrid L.
United States United States
I like it, but I would change....

I have had my kids help clean the house and help with laundry for years. I added this item to help them be more independent and make the steps simple (and because I'm not good at coming up with steps for cleaning), it helps us go at the task systematically. However, it's difficult to use with multiple kids because they have to run back and forth to wherever the booklet is to see the next step and check it off. One of my kids came up with the idea to take the spiral out, cut it into 4 pieces, separate the book into 4 sections, then rethread the spiral into the 4 separated sections. This made 4 smaller booklets which has worked much better! Also, the stickers should come laminated so they can be moved to different baskets. I covered mine in packing tape. Also, the DVD falls out of the pocket if you try to put it back in the book. If the pocket had a flap or if it was orientated up instead of sideways, that would help. Overall, I like it though because of the simple steps that help us easily know what to do. Thank you!

Amanda M.
United States
Stunning Success

I can't believe how quickly my kids learned their times tables. Even I have struggled with 7-9 my entire life, and now I can even recite the tables without skipping a beat.

Rebecca M.

I like the product but overpriced.

United States
Ok product, a bit over priced.

I’ve got 3 kids and this has helped. I think it could be sold for a bit less.

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