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20 Home-made games for learning
Printables for Fun Learning Games
readers scavenger hunt instructions
Learning games
20 Home-Made Games for Learning (Ebook)- w/Printables (Grades 1-3)
Printables for 20 learning games
School Workbooks for Kids!

20 Home-Made Games for Learning (Ebook)- w/Printables (Grades 1-3)

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Turn your school lessons into fun games... where your home becomes the game board, and household items become the props!

Kids can sharpen their reading, math, maps, weights and memory skills with this fun, out-of-the-box ebook. All 20 learning games in this ebook can easily be played at home using common household items as the props for the games! 

55 pages (includes printables)

Have your kids go on a reader's scavenger hunt around the house to find a fun prize at the end. Children can learn about weight estimation by gathering items around the house to see who can come the closest. Gather a bag of beans, a mason jar and some measuring cups to see who can get to the top of their jar first....These are just a few of the fun activities your children will enjoy playing around the house...and learning at the same time!

Bonus printables for many of the games are included! 

20 Home-Made Learning Games Ebook includes:

Games for Reading & Writing

#1 Sticky Note Match

#2 Reader’s Scavenger Hunt

#3 Feel the Words

#4 Catch & Spell

#5 Phonics Go Fish

#6 Skim Read Challenge

#7 Build a Word

#8 Blends to Words

Games for Math, Maps, Memory & Measuring

#9 Weight Hunt

#10 Top of the Quart

#11 Don’t Lose Your Marbles

#12 Games With Cards

#13  Measurement Guess

#14 Combine & Compare

#15 Pet Math Money Roll

#16 State & Capital Toss

#17 Name that City

#18 My Family Memory Game

#19 Hiding Cup Memory Game

#20 Treasure Map


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