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Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit
Times Tables Fun Zone!

Multiplication Mastery Bundle Kit

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The Fastest Way for Kids to Master the Multiplication Chart - In One Kit!

The Multiplication Mastery Kit is a right-brain, visual learning kit which is perfect for the student who struggles with math or has a learning disability. This math help for dyscalculia kit comes with all the Times Tales branded products (DVD or video streaming, Workbook, Mini Storybook & Multiplication Chart Mastery) to provide access to all the Times Tales reinforcements and ensure success for every student. 
Once the student masters their times tables (which will be quicker than you can imagine), they can then apply their multiplication skills with the Drive-Thru Menu Math workbook. This real-life practical, hands-on workbook includes four colorful, visual menus that correlate with the math problems in the workbook. The Memory Triggers booklet helps students memorize common math terms with a fun mnemonic approach that has been so successful with Times Tales. The Pet Math workbook provides another fun reinforcement that focuses on real-life math scenarios related to owning a pet. 
This bundle ensures multiplication mastery for every student and is especially effective for students with dyslexia or dyscalculia.



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Times Tales works for all kinds of learners and is endorsed by nationally acclaimed dyslexia expert, Susan Barton

See a Statistical Analysis Report on the effectiveness of Times Tales® for students with learning disabilities. 

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Michelle C.
United States United States
Times Tales Mastery Bundle Kit

We have been drilling multiplication facts for years and, until trying this curriculum, our daughter would consistently throw out random numbers just wanting to get it over with. She had no understanding of what the problems were asking and just relying on memory recall wasn’t working either. This helped the numbers to come to life in a way that she was able to understand and master multiplication AND division in just a couple of days of using this material. Highly, highly recommend! We’re so grateful to have found something that helps it “stick”!

angela T.
Canada Canada

I am homeschooling my grade 4 daughter and received this recommendation to learn multiplication from a homeschooling Facebook group and thought I would supplement my daughter's math with this and I am glad I did! We are almost on part 2 and my daughter has memorized so much and can do them in her head faster. I would definitely recommend this to other parents who are tired of plain old flash cards or practicing writing times tables the normal way.

Andrea G.
Canada Canada

My kids are 10 and 12 and very resistant to learning the times tables. They have embraced this new material. I highly recommend it to anyone whose kids are struggling. They are also excited about starting the other workbooks in the series. Who knew math could be fun?

Mindi S.
United States United States
Life-saving program!

This has been incredibly helpful for me and my son! I'm homeschooling my 4 kids this year and am very overwhelmed by the responsibility that has been put on my shoulders. Having my 3rd grader learn his times tables in two days has been a huge burden lifted from me. I love the times tales and am so glad I found them. I'd recommend this program to anyone.

Teresa E.
United States United States
Works GREAT for my son that HATES math and has dyslexia and ADHD

My son dislikes math and has trouble memorizing things. Even when he memorizes if we don't review constantly, he does not retain the information. I bought this program as soon as I realized my third grader would begin multiplication. I remembered struggling as a junior high student, and starting so young with someone who already struggles - I was BRACING myself for the worst. We have only finished Part 1 - to be honest we watch it the first day it came in. At that point he was not at the higher numbers. When we realized how the program worked we both loved it. The last two weeks he has had multiplication tests that included numbers from the videos we watch. He remembered them!! I didn't have to refresh him on the characters for memory triggers really at all. Usually we are practicing daily and by Thursday night we are good for the test on Friday. My son knew his entire set of 4's by Tuesday night this week! All because he remembered the harder ones from the photos. He loves telling me the story behind each one. THANK YOU for creating a program that is an attention grabber and can be retained. We look forward to digging through the rest of the materials as we grow in math! This was a GREAT purchase.

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