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Best Multiplication App  - Apple & Google Play!

Best Multiplication App - Apple & Google Play!

This Multiplication App not only delivers the goods, but it's also a great way to introduce kids on the power of mnemonics for effective memorization. 

"Absolutely amazing! My 8 year old was having difficulty memorizing his multiplication table. This times tables app has by far, worked the best! He loves the videos, the game show quiz, flashcard, tests...He now understands multiplication!! Even my 5 year old yells out the answers!"


The Times Tales® App was developed from the award-winning Times Tales® mnemonic multiplication program. This is a right-brain learning system that teaches children to effortlessly memorize their upper multiplication facts through visual learning cues. There are many testimonies on amazon and on the website, where parents are amazed how their young children (who have not yet the concept of multiplication) are able to recite all the upper, most difficult times tables. 

Although the Times Tales® program has proven highly successful for children with learning disabilities (and is endorsed by leading dyslexia expert, Susan Barton), it works for all learners. Many teachers have found that utilizing this program in their classroom cuts instruction time down to  a fraction and greatly improves retention, even weeks later. "I use to spend weeks trying to get my class to get the upper facts memorized. Now we spend about a week, and the whole class is ready to move the kids LOVE this way of learning- they think it's more like a game." says third grade teacher from Oregon. 

To Learn more about the Times Tales® program go to:

The Times Tales® App  is available in a free trial sample version (teaching the upper 9s) so customers can try it out to see how this unusual approach to multiplication mastery works. If you like the sample version, the full Times Tales® App is available: on the App Store and Google Play

Family Sharing: With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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Ruby Ramirez - January 1, 2021

This helped me to remember my multiplication tables even now form when I was a kid, I’m now in grade 8 and it helped me a lot

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