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I am so amazed!
Well, I had to email you to tell you that you have performed a miracle.  My 11 year old grandson has been
trying to learn his multiplication tables for at least three years, maybe more.  He went through part one before
spring break, and then waited a week, per instructions, then we went through part two on Monday of this
week.  He immediately was able to do all the times tables and hasn’t forgotten them.  We have used skip
counting and songs for years but he never was able to give the answer without singing or skip counting.  
Now he does it right away. . . I am so amazed.  Thank you so much.  A true answer to prayer.
Shirley (April 2016)

Kids with Learning Difficulties
We used the DVD for a few days and she went from barely knowing any answers to knowing them easily! It
was amazing! We have had it now for a while and we have to review it a bit since she has memory issues
and dyslexia but she would have never have gotten them if it wasn't for this dvd! This gave her confidence
and helped her
self esteem which is lacking in kids with learning difficulties! Thanks it was such a blessing!
(March 2016)

My 10 year old son absolutely loved these videos. He learned his times tables very quickly and
doesn't think he's "stupid" anymore. Now he realizes what I've been telling him, that he just learns
in a different way. I'm very happy with the results!
(March 2016)

My students watched part 1 of the stories yesterday and we both were so excited and amazed how easy it
was to make the connection and correctly recall part 1 of the upper times tables. Awesome, awesome
product! Thank you again!
From a Teacher (March 2016)

The Numbers Stick!
Hi! My son's dyslexia tutor recommended your program to us when I inquired about the best way
to help him with multiplication. We had tried the wrap up music discs and wraps, Right Brain
Multiplication, and Speed (a card game to learn multiplication). Nothing was working for numbers
outside of 2,5,10,11. He went from intense struggle to complete mastery in SEVEN days for
multiplication and stumbles only a bit on division. It is absolutely incredible. Thank you so, so
much for such a wonderful program for kids like my son. He is completely brilliant but has felt so
frustrated and not smart trying to make all of the numbers stick.
Liz (March 2016)

Laughing, Smiling & So Happy!
My daughter is in the 3rd grade and she has been struggling with her math multiplication problems,
We have tried several different approaches and all have ended in her getting frustrated and
disappointed. I stumbled upon your ad in my Facebook feed and clicked on the ad and started
reading parental reviews and was impressed. We decided to download the
free file to try it out.
She was laughing, smiling and so happy with herself and her confidence is through the roof!
Cannot wait to get started on this program!

This is fantastic!! I discovered Times Tales when my oldest son was in 5th grade and still couldn't master
his times tables.  We used just the flip book and flash cards and in one week he knew EVERY story and in
two weeks had mastered his times tables. Even now as a senior in high school he can STILL recall the
stories!  The video is going to be a huge help to kids! Every school teacher, homeschool teacher, and
parent who has a visual learner needs to use TIMES TALES!!  Thank you for improving an already great
Works Great for

Our product has received literally hundreds of testimonies and reviews throughout the past decade from bloggers,
teachers and parents sharing their own personal stories about how Times Tales worked- often times when other
programs had failed.

Times Tales print version has  a 4.5 star rating and our DVD version has a 5 star Amazon rating. CLICK to read more
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A teacher who had a group of dyslexic
leave while she taught the rest of
the class math. After a few weeks she had
the dyslexic students join her class again.
She soon realized that the
dyslexic group
of students were scoring higher on their
math tests than the other students. She
asked the special ed teacher what she did
that made these students excel in math.
She found out they had been taught
Times Tales. Needless to say, the
teacher soon after bought
Times Tales
for her whole classroom.