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The Scripture Sleuth
by Matthew Halverson

t has been said that one can find the
answers to all of life's mysteries in the Bible.
The Word of God is sufficient to meet all our
needs. Finding the answers requires at least
a basic knowledge of the Bible. The
concordance is a topical index of key words
that lead a scholar to appropriate Bible
verses. It is a valuable tool to finding the
answers in the Word of God. Concord
Cunningham is a boy who has discovered
the value of a concordance and uses it to
solve mysteries in his community. His
success brings him acclaim, and a
reputation as " Scripture Sleuth". Readers
will be challenged to solve the mysteries
without the advantage of a concordance, but
Concord Cunningham will reveal the source
of the answer in Scripture. This is the first of
a series. Matthew Halverson is eager for
young readers to discover how to find God's
answers to life's questions in the Bible.
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 112
Ages: 7-12
Publication Date: 1999
Dimensions: 8.5" X 5.5"
Author: Mat Halverson
Memory Triggers
by Trigger Memory Co.

The Fun Way to Learn Elementary Math Terms
Tired of getting that blank look when your children  read
instructions to a math problem, especially when you are
certain they know how to do the work? Often, the problem
isn't the math itself that confuses the child, but rather,
understanding  the terminology.

This booklet covers 16 commonly used and easily
forgotten math
terms. Memory Triggers utilizes  the same FUN mnemonic
approach used so successfully with Times Tales.  Simple
pictures and stories combine to trigger your child's
memory to remember the meaning of the term and what to
do to solve the problem. This is a great tool for any
elementary age student struggling with remembering
commonly used math terms. Put an end to questions like,
"What does denominator mean, again?"

Booklet covers the
following terms and procedures:
Greater Than & Less Than symbol, Decade,Century,
Vertical, Horizontal, Numerator & Denominator, Proper &
Improper Fraction, Converting an Improper Fraction, Sum,
Difference, & Factor Product